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What does a pingball machine represent?

A thought. The your thought is the ball


What does it mean when there is a path line in that pingball machine

It's like a thought you're familiar with. If the. All goes through that path then you probably be able to understand it


What does focused mode mean with the pinball machine analogy?

When the thought ball comes in bouncing around in tight spaces in the pinball and if there is a path you will understand better


How does the diffused mode relate to the pinball analogy?

When the ball comes the spots in the pinball are all spread out


Can you be in diffuse mode and focused mode at the same time?



How did Dali make his surreal paintings?

He will sit back in his chair with a key in his hand. He will try and fall asleep and as soon as the key drops, it will wake him up and he uses the new connections he made in the diffuse mode into the focus mode


What do you need to learn stuff in relation to the two learning modes?

Your mind needs to be able to jump in focused and diffused mode


What did Thomas Edison do to get his ideas?

He will sit back, relax, holding ball bearings while his mind roamed free then when ithe ball beating drops he will go back to being focused


Is it good to focus hard on session when learning something?

No it's not, it can be the worst approach possible . Learning takes time


How do you gain neuro structure?

you need to do a little work every day, gradually allowing your muscles to grow. gradually allowing yourself to grow a neuro-scaffold to hang your thinking on, a little bit every day and that's the trick.


What part of the brain in related to pain?

Insular Cortex

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What is going on with our brain when we look at something we don't want to?

It activates the insular cortex


How do you procrastinate?

You first have an unhappy feeling about something, then you funnel your attention into another task, then you feel happy (temporarily )


how long can anybody focus?

25 mins


what is the pomodoro technique?

you set the time for 25 mins after that, few minutes of web surfing, a cup of coffee, or a bite of chocolate, even just stretching or chatting mindlessly, allowing your brain to enjoyably change its focus for a while. 


why is the word cow easier to connect with things?

it can relate to an actual thing.. which is a cow


why are the words love, zest and hope easier to learn

it's because they are relate to feels?


how do neurons link together?

they are linked together through repeated use

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what should you do to learn abstract things?

you gotta practice more to bring those ideas into life


what should you do when you are learning?

focus hard on it intently then take a break or change your focus so diffuse mode can take a chance work in the background so you can have a conceptual understanding


why should you learn a little every day instead of all at once

so your neural mortar has a chance to dry, other wise it will look the mortar will not dry and your wall will fall.

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what is working memory?

is the part of memory that has to do with what you're immediately and consciously processing in your mind.


which part of your brain is working memory associated to?

centered out of the prefrontal


why  would I find my self repeating phone numbers

Repetition's needed so that your metabolic vampires, that is, natural dissipating processes, don't suck those memories away. 

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what's an analogy for short term memory

So we know that short term memory is something like an inefficient mental blackboard

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what is an analogy for long term memory

 other form of memory, long term memory, is like a storage warehouse.

And just like a warehouse, it's distributed over a big area. Different kinds of long term memories are stored in different regions of the brain.


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what does research say about putting something from short term memory into long term memory

you need to revisit it at least a few times to increase the chances that you'll be able to find later when you might need it. 


does Extending your practice over several days does make a difference?

Yes because  Research has shown that if you try to glue things into your memory by repeating something 20 times in one evening, for example, it won't stick nearly as well as if you practice it the same number of times over several days. 

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spaced repetition is good because

it builds stronger neural networks by repeating them over a number of days 


how does been awake relates to the brain?

Been awake creates toxic products in your brain

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does your brain shrink or grow when you go to sleep?

your brain shrinks when you go to sleep.

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what keeps brain clean and healthy?

sleep is actually your brain's way of keeping itself clean and healthy. Fluid can flow past these cells and wash the toxins out. So sleep, which can sometimes seem like such a waste of time,

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what does sleep do more than just allow your brain to wash away toxins?

It erases the less important parts of memories and simultaneously strengthens areas that you need or want to remember. 

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what does sleep do in terms of the tougher things you learn?

During sleep your brain also rehearses some of the tougher parts of whatever you're trying to learn, going over and over neural patterns to deepen and strengthen them


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how is your brain able to learn so much when you are asleep?

the complete deactivation of the conscious you in the pre-frontal cortex at the forefront of your brain helps other areas of your brain start talking more easily to one another, allowing them to put together the neural solution to your learning task while you're sleeping


what do you need to do in order for your diffused mode to do work?

you have to plan the seed in your focused mode for your diffused mode to work


what happens when you go over what you are learning right before you take a nap or go to sleep?

you have an increased chance of dreaming about it. 


what if you set it in your mind that you want to dream about what you are learning before you sleep?

it seems to improve your chances of dreaming about it moreeeeee further.


Dreaming about what you're studying can substantially enhance your ability to understand. It somehow consolidates your memories into easier to grasp chunks.. And now time for a little sleep.


what is a good thing to have when you have a lot of good ideas doing  diffused mode stuff like running and showering?

take a notebook with you wherever you go


what is a good time to get things done?

 evenings when the hubbub of the day quiets down, and I get a chance to go into a, a more reflective mode, and that's when I actually get my best work done.


Do you do two things at the same time ever? 

Well, you know, you can't actually do two things, consciously, at the same time


multitasking is, is being able to switch back and forth, context switching from one topic to another. 


what happens if you give the rat  an enriched environment, in which the rat is able to move around, and do things, and interact with other rats

 the strengths of the connections between the neurons, is much stronger there


what are some examples of diffuse mode?

we all access this mode quite naturally when we do things like go for a walk or take a shower or even just drift off to sleep