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What is a main characteristic of being a great mentor?

Commit to continuing competence and lifelong learning


What are the components that will make a person to be a great mentor?

- Know your passions
- Integrate them into professional development
- Identify and face challenges and obstacles


What is continuing competence?

The ongoing possession and application of contemporary
knowledge, skills, and abilities commensurate with an
individual’s (physical therapist or physical therapist assistant) role within the context of public health, welfare, and safety and defined by a scope of practice
and practice setting.


What are the components of continuing competence?

- Manage ambiguous problems
- Tolerate uncertainty
- Make decisions with limited information


How do we remain competent?

- Identify problems and opportunities for learning
- Know how you best learn
- Engage in learning
- Incorporate it into your practice


True or False

CEUs do not equal competence



What are the traits of a lifelong learner?

- Self-directed
- Reflective practitioners
- Able to do self assessment and determine gaps and needs
- Eager to apply new learning immediately


What are the 5 roles in the guide of PT practice?

Clinician, educator, researcher, consultant, administrator


What are the steps to become a lifelong learner?

- Reflect on your goals, dreams, strengths, skills, life circumstances
- Identify gaps in your knowledges and skills
- Create a development plan to reach your goals


What are the attributes of a good CI?

- Relationship building
- Positive attitude and environment
- Teaching Methods
- Feedback
- Professionalism


How many hours of practice is needed to achieve mastery in many fields?

10,000 hours of practice


How do you achieve mastery?

- Find a niche area that interests you enough to put in the practice required for mastery
- Do the basics very well
- Choose your employment situations wisely