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KRS Chapter 318 Refers to?

Kentucky Plumbing Law


What does the word “Department” refer to when it comes to the division of plumbing?

Housing, Buildings and Construction.


____________(1) means a person who engages or offers to engage either as an occupation or otherwise, in the construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, repair, remodeling or removal and replacement of plumbing under the supervision, direction, and responsibilities of a (2)_______________

(1) Journeyman

(2) Master Plumber


_______________ means a person who assumes responsible charge, supervision, or direction of journeyman Plumbers, plumbers apprentices, and other person in construction, installation or alterations of plumbing or who engages in, offers to engage in, or advertises or otherwise represents that he is permitted or qualified to engage in the design, planning, superintending, contracting for, or responsible charge of plumbing.

Master Plumber


________ means the art of installing in buildings the pipes for distributing the water supply, the fixtures for the using water and drainage pipes for removing waste water and sewage, together with fitting and appurtenances and appliances of various kinds, all within adjacent to the building.



What is not considered Plumbing?

On-site sewage disposal system


Plumbing shall not include all but which one?

Storm sewers and rain water piping located within a building to a point of disposal at the city tap or other point of disposal.


A person employed to maintain and keep plumbing in good repair is a _______

Maintenance Man


A person in the process of learning the plumbing trade is an_______



According to chapter 318: how many apprentices May a journeyman plumber gave working under his or her direction?


1 & 1


_____ (1)is a darn dwelling together with other farm buildings and structures incident to the operation and maintenance of the farm situated on (2)______ acres or more of land. Which is located outside the corporate limits of a (3)______

(1) Farmstead

(2) 10

(3) municipality


“Code” refers to what within the Division of plumbing?

Kentucky State Plumbing Code


This chapter should be in full effect(1)______. Of the commonwealth of Kentucky but shall not apply to (2)_________

(1) In all Counties

(2) Farmsteads


This Chapter shall apply to persons employed by any water company, water district, our sanitation district, in the laying, maintenance, and operation of its mains and other appurtenances in the conduct of its business.

True or False?



No person shall engage in or work at the trade of plumbing unless he is the holder of a valid and effective active (1)______ or (2)__________ duly issues by the department

(1)Master License

(2) Journeyman License


No person, firm, or corporation shall engage in plumbing or engage in work at the trade of plumbing unless the person, firm, or corporations maintains (1)_______ in an amount not less than (2)________ and submits proof of compliance with (3)_______ and (4)_________ laws of the commonwealth.

(1) Insurance

(2) $250,000

(3) Workers Compensation

(4) Unemployment Insurance


The insurance requirements under Kentucky plumbing law shall not apply to an employee of a person, firm, or corporation engaged in plumbing.

True or False



According to the statutes. name the four qualifications that must be met for a person to apply to become a journeyman or master plumber?


(1) 18 yrs of age

(2) Good Moral Character

(3) US citizen

(4) Meets all Qualifications.


Examinations for a license as a master or journeyman plumber shall be conducted at times and places fixed by the regulations of the _______



Which state does the commonwealth of Kentucky currently reciprocates with as far as plumbing licensure goes?



Plumbing License expire when? _____

Birth Month


Revival fee for master plumber is (1)____ and for journeyman is (2)_____. However after 180 days each license shall be automatically cancelled and the revival fee goes up (3)___ for master and (4)____ for journeyman.

(1) $5

(2) $3

(3) $10

(4) $6


How many days does the department allow a company to operate of their. Master plumber dies before a new master plumber must be named?

180 Days.


Name 5 reason a license may be revoked?

(1)Violated Rules

(2)Fraud of deception


(4)Permitted License

(5) Dishonorable Conduct


No license shall be suspended or revoked by the department unless a (1)______ has been conducted. A license aggrieved by a final order of the department suspending or revoking a license may appeal of the (2)_____ of the county Ian which the principal office is located.

(1) Hearing

(2) Circuit Court


The total number of members making up the examine committee is ____ and each member we shall have a master license.



Any person aggrieved by any rule, regulation, or amendment approved by the department, within (1)_____ days after such actin has become final, May appeal therefrom to the (2)_______

(1) 30 days

(2) Circuit Court


Each Plumbing inspector should have at least ____ years experience as a master tour journeyman plumber.

8 years