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What are the parts of the Corpus callosum?

Rostrum -> Genu -> Body -> Splenium


What seperates the two anterior horns of the lateral ventricle?

Septum Pellucidum
Its a septum connecting the corpus callosum superiorly and fornix inferiorly


What is the fornix?

Fibres linking hippocampus to the mamillary bodies of the hypothalamus


Which one of the basal ganglia is visible as a bulging projection on the floor of the lateral ventricle?

Caudate nucleus


What is the function of the thalamus?

Grey matter nuclei acting as a sensory relay centre.
E.g. most general sensory info goes to the Ventro-postero-lateral (VPL) nucleus of the thalamus


What is the function of the hypothalamus?

- Hormonal Control
- Blood Pressure
- Thirst and hunger
- Temperature
- Sex drive
- Circadian Rythms


Where does the stalk of the pituitary gland go?

It hangs down from the hypothalamus


What gland is part of the diencephalon?

Pineal Gland! Immediately posterior to the thalamus and superior to the coliculi


Learn the transverse section of the brain from the diagrams in the workbook



What is the internal capsule and what artery supplies it?

A white matter tract (Projection fibres)
Anatomically it seperates the basal ganglia an thalamus when seen on a transverse section.

Its made of an anterior and posterior limb connected by the genu

Supplied by middle cerebral artery


What basal ganglia is found in the midbrain and how does it relate to the red nucleus?

Substantia Nigra
The red nucleus is anterior to the substantia nigra


What is found in the medial pons?

The medial leminiscus (carries sensory fibres) and the motor fibres of the pyramidal tract


What makes up the medulla's pyramids and olives?

Pyramids are CST fibres
Olivary Nuclei make up the olives


What are the 3 main coronal sections used in regards to the brain?

Anterior - Just ant to the optic chiasma
Middle - Just post to the optic chiasma
Posterior - Passes through the splenium (Posterior part of corpus callosum)


How do you differentiate transverse sections of the spinal cord?

Cervical and thoracic white matter is thin, whilst lumbar and sacral white matter is thicc.

Thoracic and sacral spinal cords have a lateral horn in their white matter for limb plexesus


Whats found in the hole in the middle of the spinal cord??

Its called the central canal and contains CSF/ependymal cells