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Why is it not a good study method to simply re-read a text?

When the text is open right in front of you, it fools you into thinking that you know the material.

But you only really know that material for certain when you can recall the material – or at least the key ideas – WITHOUT the text open in front of you.


Why is concept mapping a quite misunderstod method for learning new material?

Although concept mapping can have its place, research has shown that it's less effective than another powerful technique – simple recall.

Remember, connecting concepts isn't going to help if you don't have the concepts already well-embedded in the brain.

It's like trying to learn higher strategy in chess without having learned the basics about how the pieces move.


Why is it good to practice deep breathing in times of stress, such as before a test?

When stressed before a test, you should turn your attention to your breathing.

Taking deep breaths can control your stress level and fight the "fight or flight" instinct.


Desscribe the "hard start - jump to easy" technique

By alternating between different problems you are employing your brain’s diffuse thinking strategy, because when you turn your attention AWAY from a problem, you are allowing other, more diffuse, resting state neural networks a chance to work on that problem.


What is the single most important point on Dr. Richard Felder's test checklist?

Did you get a reasonable night’s sleep before the test?


Describe the impostor syndrome

The impostor syndrome is quite common and is seen across all academic and non-academic disciplines. 

Getting a good grade on a test but being convinced that it was luck and that you are sure to fail the next test and be exposed as a fraud, is a good example of the impostor syndrome.



Why are metaphors a powerful learning tool?

One of the best things you can do not only to remember, but to better understand a concept is to create a metaphor or analogy for it, often the more visual, the better.

Metaphors and analogies, as well as stories, can sometimes be useful for getting people out of Einstellung—being blocked by thinking about a problem in the wrong way


Why is it beneficial to write a task list?

Making a task list makes your tasks easier to remember, without having to use much of your valuable working memory.

It is better to make a task list before you go to sleep, so your subconscious, "diffuse" thinking processes can have a chance to help assist you in actually accomplishing the tasks the next day.


What happens with our newly formed brain structurs during sleep?

During sleep, the brain tidies up ideas and concepts we are thinking about and learning — it erases the less important parts of memories and simultaneously strengthens areas that we need or want to remember.

During sleep, the brain also rehearses some of the tougher parts of whatever we are trying to learn — going over and over neural patterns to deepen and strengthen them.


Research has shown that recalling material when we are outside our usual place of study can help us strengthen our grasp of the material. 

How is it possible?

When we are learning something new, we take in subliminal cues from the space around us.

This can actually throw you off when you take tests, because you often take tests in a room different from the room you were learning in.

By recalling and thinking about the material while you are in various physical environments, you become independent of cues from any one location.


When do we most often realize that we actually understand something?

The time that we realize that we actually understand something is often when we actually can do it ourselves.


Mastering new subjects involves two aspects of chunking, which?

Mastering a new subject means:

  • Learning the basic chunks
  • Learning how to select and use different chunks.