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what is the condition to have a massless particle and why

v = c
so that γ = infinity meaning that γm requires m to 0


what is the energy equation for a massless particle

E = cp


describe the Compton scattering experiment

fire a photon at a stationary particle
use a detector to measure the outgoing angle and energy of the resulting scattered particles


what is the compton equation

1/E' = 1/E + (1-cosθ) / mc^2


what does the compton equation tell us

the relationship between the ingoing energy, outgoing energy and outgoing angle of the photon under the assumption it is massless


what are the two ways to solve the compton equation

1 split the 4 vectors into their components straight away
2 stay in 4 vector for as long as possible


what is it possible for a particle to do when colliding with another and what is the condition

to change into another particle if there is sufficient energy


what is the name for the minimum sufficient energy required to allow a particle collision to take place

threshold energy


what is the threshold energy equation if b is the new particle

E > Mbc^2


if particles collide with threshold energy what happens afterwards

they are at rest since all energy was used to make the new particle so none is left over for kinetic energy


if two particles are heading towards each other with equal but opposite momentum what is the procedure to solve the energy of the collision

1 we can view them as they are in the CoM frame at rest
2 calculate the invariant mass in the CoM frame
3 find E using the invariant mass