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What is a profession

An occupation that requires extensive education or a calling that requires special knowledge, skill, and preparation.


Criteria of a Profession

Specialized body of knowledge

Specialized Education

A service orientation

A professional organization

Autonomy and self regulation

Code of Ethics


To meet the requirement of autonomy & self regulation

A profession is autonomous if it regulates itself and sets standards for its members

Autonomy is one of the purposes of a professional association

To be autonomous a professional group must be granted legal authority to define the scope of its practice, set goals, and describe activities and functions


To meet the requirement having a professional organization

Operating under the umbrella of a professional organization differentiates a profession from an occupation

CNA + SRNA = Performance of self-regulatory functions


Continuing Competence

SRNA implemented in 2013

Maintaining continuing competence involves an ongoing process of linking the code of ethics, standards of practice, and life-long learning with reflective practice activities


SRNA requirements for continuing competence

Personal Assessment of the STANDARDS and COMPETENCIES


Develop a LEARNING PLAN for competencies you have chosen

Then EVALUATE the impact of what you have learned



A desired and achievable level of performance against which actual performance can be compared.

The minimum level of expected performance!


Foundation Competency

The knowledge, skill, and judgment, derived from nursing roles and functions within a specified context, at the completion of an approved nursing education program leading to registration and licensure as a RN.

Minimum levels of expected RN performance.


Years of files kept for CCP

Five years


How long after graduation to register CC

8 months


Things a critically reflective practitioner does

Uses a questioning approach

Doesn’t take things at face value

Constantly evaluates and refines practice

Seeks improved skills and performance

Considers the individual needs of each patient

Practices with a good understanding of self and personal values and potential biases


Gibb's Reflective Cycle

Description: What has happened?

Description: What were you thinking/feeling?

Evaluation: What was good and bad about this?

Analysis: What sense can you make of this?

Conclusion: What else could you have done?

Action Plan: If this happened again what would you do?


Why image of nursing is important

Nurses not physicians, deserve credit for nursing work

Increase the value of nursing so we can get funding nurses need for: practice, education, and research

Image contributes to nursing shortage