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What abstraction is primarily used to administer user access in Cloud IAM ?

Roles, an abstraction of job roles.


How is a user identity created in Cloud IAM?

User identities are created from outside of GCP in a Google-administered domain.


What technology can be used along with Cloud IAM to provide another layer of security and access control in GCP?

Networking; specifically firewall rules.


What data storage service might you select if you just needed to migrate a standard relational database running on a single machine in a datacenter to the cloud?

Cloud SQL


Which GCP data storage service offers ACID transactions and can scale to thousands of nodes?

Cloud Spanner


Which data storage service provides data warehouse services for storing data but also offers an interactive SQL interface for querying the data?



No resources in GCP can be used without being associated with...

A project.


A budget is set at $500 and an alert is set at 100%. What happens when the full amount is used?

A notification email is sent to the Billing Administrator.


How do quotas protect GCP customers?

By preventing uncontrolled consumption of resources.


What is the foundational process at the base of Google's Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) ?



What is the purpose of the Stackdriver Trace service?

Reporting on latency as part of managing performance.


Stackdriver integrates several technologies, including monitoring, logging, error reporting, and debugging that are commonly implemented in other environments as separate solutions using separate products. What are key benefits of integration of these services?

Reduces overhead, reduces noise, streamlines use, and fixes problems faster