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What is the purpose of Virtual Private Networking (VPN)?

To enable a secure communication method (a tunnel) to connect two trusted environments through an untrusted environment, such as the Internet.


Why might you use Cloud Interconnect or Direct Peering instead of VPN?

Cloud Interconnect and Direct Peering can provide higher availability, lower latency, and lower cost for data-intensive applications.


What is the purpose of a Cloud Router and why does that matter?

It implements dynamic VPN that allows topology to be discovered and shared automatically, which reduces manual static route maintenance.


What are the two categories of GCP load balancing as described in the course materials?

HTTP(S) Load Balancing and Network Load Balancing


Which form of load balancing distributes traffic among a pool of instances within a region?

Network Load Balancing


Which form of Load Balancing uses path rules to send traffic to backend services based on type?

Content-based Load Balancing


How does the autoscaler resolve conflicts between multiple scaling policies?

It selects the one that recommends the most VMs, to ensure the application is supported.


When autoscaling using Total CPU utilization, what is the difference on Total CPU utilization between adding the 4th VM to a group versus adding the 10th VM.

The 4th VM adds 25% additional capacity, the 10th VM adds only 10% additional capacity.


Which statement is true of autoscaling custom metrics.

Stackdriver metrics can be used as custom metrics for autoscaling policies.


What is a fundamental difference between a snapshot of a boot persistent disk and a custom image?

A snapshot is locked within a project, but a custom image can be shared between projects.


What happens when a custom images is marked "Obsolete" ?

No new projects can use the custom image, but those already with the image can continue to use it.


Metadata can be used to do which of the following?

Pass key:value pairs to the VM, including a literal script or a reference to a script file.


What kinds of files form the Deployment Manager templates?

Templates are composed of *.yaml, python, and jinja2 files.


What service does Cloud Launcher provide?

Provides pre-packaged 3rd party solutions using Deployment Manager templates.


Which of the following is true of Deployment Manager Templates?

They can be nested, have properties, and can use environment variables.


How are Managed Services useful?

Managed Services may be an alternative to creating and managing infrastructure solutions.


Which of the following are data processing Managed Services?

Dataproc, Dataflow, and BigQuery.