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The poem consists of four 8 line stanzas (octets) and has a strong ABAB rhyme scheme and regular rhythm.,



The poem moves through time. The narrator shifts between past, present and future. The juxtaposition of the past and present emphasises that there is no change in the narrators relationship.


Language about death

'A knell to mine ear' A 'knell' is a bell that is played at a funeral or in death. It implies that the author feels as though the end of the relationship has been like a death to him. It also emphasises his former lover's lack of feeling.


Language of the senses

'The dew of the morning| sunk chill on my brow -' Typical love poetry uses descriptions that are pleasing to the senses but in this poem the narrator uses negative descriptions, such as the cold touch of 'dew' ; the funereal sound of a 'knell' and the sight of his lover's 'pale cheek'.


Tone of the poem

The narrator has an angry and bitter tone in the poem. He seems to be grieving the end of his relationship. He regrets their relationship because of the way it has turned out which tells of his suffering.


Which poems to compare it to?

Compare it to the narrator in 'Neutral Tones' who expresses the memory of losing his lover in terms of death.