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What is the difference between an "Einzellage" and "Grosslage?"

Einzellage - Single Vineyard Site
Grosslage - Collection of Single Vineyard Sites

Grosslage more often than not indicates a wine of inferior quality


What are the most planted red and white varieties in Germany today?

Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) & Riesling


What is VDP? When was it established and for what reason?

Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter; established in 1910, it's an association of Top German Producers committed to top quality.


What is Charta? How can you tell if a wine is Charta or not?

Another organization, formed in 1984 to advance the classic, dry style of Rheingau Riesling. The bottles have an icon of three Roman arches.


What is the top tier of the VDP quality pyramid? What does the name translate to?

Erste Lage; "First Site"


What logo do "Erste Lage" wines carry?

A "1" followed by a cluster of grapes; this is to specify that the wine comes from a single superior vineyard site.


What is the max. Yield for Erste Lage Wines? Minimum Must Weight?

50 hl/ha, must weight equivalent to Spatlese


How would you distinguish a dry Erste Lage wine from a sweet one?

The label for dry Erste Lage Wines says "Grosses Gewachs," while sweet versions carry typical Pradikat levels.


What sweetness level are GG Wines legally considered? What does this equate to?

"Trocken," they may not contain more than 9g/l of residual sugar.


What is different about Grosses Gewachs in the Rheingau?

They are labeled not as "Grosses Gewachs," but instead as "Erste Gewachs," a term coined by Charta


Why will you never see the words "Grosses Gewachs" on a German Wine Label?

The term is barred by German Law from appearing on wine labels.


When are GG wines able to be released?

September 1 of the year following the harvest for whites, 1 year later for reds.


When are Erste Lage wines labeled by Pradikat able to be released? What labeling rule likened these wines to those of Burgundy?

May 1st of the year following harvest; the Einzellage MUST be listed on the label, and the village name is dropped.


What distinguishes VDP Einzellage demarcation from that of German Law?

VDP is generally much more restricted, allowing a smaller portion of the vineyard to qualify as Erste Lage


How did the VDP change their classification system in 2012?

They elected to move to something closer to Burgundy-style classification:

Grosse Lage - Grand Cru (former Erste Lage)
Erste Lage - Premier Cru
Ortswein - Village
Gutswein - Regional


Where must the grapes come from for an Ortswein VDP?

Multiple vineyards within a single village


Where can grapes for wine labeled Gutswein VDP come from?

Anywhere within the labeled Anbaugebiet


What are the maximum yields for the post-2012 VDP Classifications?

Grosse Lage - 50 hl/ha
Erste Lage - 60 hl/ha
Ortswein - 75 hl/ha
Gutswein - 75 hl/ha


What is a big problem for the VDP compared to German Wine Law on the whole?

It is difficult to establish a quality level for "Grand Cru" across an entire country compared to simply within an anbaugebiet; consider Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy etc.