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How many group returns were covered in Ezra-Nehemiah

Zerubabbel- built alter and Temple foundation, establish political leadership since he was David descendant

Ezra- descendant of Aaron, brought community back into right relationship with God (got rid of foreign wives)

Nehemiah- cup bearer to King, built the walls in 52 days, settlements inside city and outside city


Which empire and which king sent the original group back to Jerusalem.

Cyrus, Persian Empire


Know what the significance of Zerubbabel was to the people.

Davidic descendent


Know what the significance of Ezra was to the people.

Aaronic descendent, priest to reestablish Yahwism


Know which empire was overthrown in order Cyrus to rule.



How was Nehemiah able to go back to Jerusalem?

The king saw he was sad, Nehemiah asked to go back, King gave letters


Name the main characters in Esther.

Esther (Hadassah), Mordecai, Haman, Ahasuerus, Hegai the Eunuch


Be able to give a basic timeline of Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther.

SECOND Ezra - 458 BC

THIRD Nehemiah - 445 BC

FIRST Esther - 483 BC


What holiday is initiated in Esther?



Be familiar with periods of time, like about how long between the return of Zerubbabel and Ezra, or Ezra and Nehemiah, or the construction time for the Temple or the walls of Jerusalem.

80 years between first and second returns

13 years between Ezra’s second return and Nehemiah’s arrival (page 248)

52 days to rebuild walls

20 years to rebuild the Temple


Be able to tell the story of Esther, with all the important parts.

Esther is raised my Mordecai

Esther becomes queen to replace Vashti with Hegai’s help

Haman hates jews, especially Mordecai for not bowing

Mordecai presses Esther to save people

Mordecai saves King from assassination plot, eventually

Haman leads him around with find robe and horse

after a 3 day fast and 2 dinner parties, Haman is hung on his own gallows

King gives Jews right to strike down their enemies for a few days


Be able to tell the story of Ezra, with all the important parts.

Proclamation of Cyrus, exiles return

Zerubabbel and Joshua the priest restore altar and start with Temple foundation

after Sandballat and nasty Samaritans, resources depleted

Work stopped by the King Artaxerxes, but restarted by King Darius

Temple completed and celebration

Ezra returns with more exiles to find many have intermarried and follow syncretistic ways.

Ezra casts out foreign wives and focuses on restoring community


Be able to tell the story of Nehemiah, with all the important parts.

King wants Nehemiah to be happy, so he temporarily sends him to rebuild Jerusalem

rebuilds walls and gates through fierce opposition. tool in one hand and sword in the other.

adds on gates

also cuts out usury practices and cleans up leadership and social justice issues

lists people according to genealogy

establishes inner and outer city limit residents

renews covenant


Be able to explain the major theological themes of the books as per your text.

Esther- God is still sovereignly at work saving His people

Ezra-Nehemiah- "divinely related steps in what may properly be regarded as a history of salvation