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What are the two main events in the book of Exodus?

Rescue- Israel's departure from Egypt.

Relationship- Israel's newly established alliance with God.


What "beginning" is established in the book of Exodus?

The beginning of the nation of Israel.


What is the arrangement of the book of Exodus?

* Israel in Egypt
* Israel in the desert
* Israel at Mount Sinai


What was the point of collision between God and Moses?

The burning bush.


What was the permanent commemoration of the Israelites release from captivity?

The Passover


What were the two intended purposes of the plagues?

To force the Egyptians into compliance.

To teach Egyptians and the Israelites about the sovereign character of the God of Israel.


What was the anchor of the new Sinai covenant?

The Ten Commandments.


What was the purpose of the desert tabernacle?

It was God's way of living in the midst of His people.


What are the possible dates of the Exodus?

15th Century- around 1446


13th Century- around 1275


What is the evidence for a 15th Century Exodus?

1.) 1 Kings 6:1 - Solomon dates the Temple 480 years after the Exodus.

2.) Judges 11:26 - Jepthah says the conquest of the land 300 yrs before his day.

3.) the Merneptah Stela discusses defeating the people of Israel in 1209 BC. Suggesting they had been in the land for a while.


What is the evidence for a 13th Century Exodus?

1.) State archeological evidence from Palestine contradicts the 15th Century date.

2.) Believe the 480 yrs before the Temple is symbolic.

3.) the city of Ramsses was built in the 1200's during the reign of Ramsses II.


Definition: Hebrew

Descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob


Definition: casuistic law

Began with a conditional clause followed by the penalty.

Often start with "if this" and are followed by "then that"


Definition: theophany

A manifestation of God.


Definition: Torah

Teaching or instruction.


Definition: covenant

Binding relationship between human partners or between God and humans


Definition: holiness code

Name given to Leviticus 17-27, a section of the Law devoted to right living outside the Tabernacle


Definition: Septuagint

Translation of the OT into Greek around 309-200BC created by 72 scholars


Definition: atonement

Biblical term describing the removal of sin or defilement.

Hebrew "kipper" means "to cover over", which denotes "to atone by offering a substitute".


Definition: expiation

Result of divinely appointed sacrifices intended to free the sinner from the punishment of sin


What are the 10 Commandments

1. You shall have no other gods before me
2. No idols
3. Name in vain
4. Sabbath
5. Honor parents
6. Don't murder
7. No adultery
8. Don't steal
9. Don't bare false witness against neighbor
10. Don't covet


What is in the Ark of the Covenant?

1. Aaron's staff
2. 10 Commandments
3. Manna


Why was Leviticus named Leviticus?

Portions of it deal with the instructions for how Levites give offerings to God.

It's an instruction manual for the priesthood.