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Ecclesiastes description

Life is tough!


Psalms description

emotions: grief, joy, thanksgiving, anger (relationships)
Catholic Mass: Responsorial Psalm/Liturgy of the Hours
Relationship with God, addressing God
2 party system: Israel stands before God like a child before a father
-150 psalms


Song of Songs description

Sexual, erotic, love poems, allegory


Wisdom Literature Books

Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Solomon), Sirach, Wisdom


Wisdom literature description

"There is an absence of references to Moses, Mt. Sinai, patriarchs, and other items in Israelites Tradition"
-emotion, honesty, philosophical questioning
-Universal Appeal (appeals to everyone, even non-religious people)


Real relationship

-Wisdom lit has a real relationship (risk, contact)
-Two-Party System: it takes 2


Christ in Wisdom Lit

-1 Corinthians 1:24,30.."Jesus is the wisdom and power of God"
"O come O come O Wisdom from on high"



First book of Wisdom lit
Anonymous author
Fictional character
7th-5th BC (587 BC-Babylonian Exile)
-Ch. 1-2 Job's problem....37-42 Job meets God (appears as a whirlwind)



12 chapters
-salty, negative, pessimistic, resentful, sad, depressing
-pointlessness of life
-life sucks
-all is vanity (pointless)


Anti-moral pattern

Job is good:
-"blameless and upright"
-feared God, turned from evil
-"the Lord gives and the Lord takes away"
-humbled himself
Job gets bad:
-burned up sheep and servants
-house (property) fell on his sons and daughters (descendants) and died
-Satan curses him
-wife curses God=dies


Why is Ecclesiastes so negative?

-grieving the delusion of control
-anger, sadness (5 stages of grieving)



-sung accompanied by harp/lyre (selah)
-attributed to David
-150 psalms
-Jesus quoted Psalms: "in your hands I commit my spirit"...."My God my God why have you foresaken me"


Song of Songs

"Salvation is an inside job"
Israel (beloved) learns to receive the gift of salvation from God (lover)
-God initiates salvation; He is in control
-does not mention name of God once


Why doesn't Song of Songs mention God's name?

Name defines a boundary (control)
If I can define God, I have control
"All of the scriptures could fall away, but if SS remained, that would be enough" -Rabbi Akiva


Job description

Bad things happen to good people?
-destroys logic of the Moral Pattern
-does good, gets bad
-salvation is a gift, cannot be earned, Israel is NOT in control


Hallelujah Song allusions

Secret chord that David played that pleased the Lord (Psalms)
Bathing on the roof (Bathsheba)
She cut your hair (Samson/Delilah)
-Alleluia means "praise the Lord"
How is it used?
Consolation, when all fails still rely on God, can't do it alone, sarcastic/ironic
-God is still with us even in defeat/struggle
-honesty (2 party system)


Dark Night of the Soul

Promised Land= "my house"
Where is Christ?
-Christ is waiting for us to let go of PL and find our way to him
-"Beloved waiting for him"
-leave behind safety
-contact, real relationship, trust, feel God's presence


Creative Essay: why are the parentheses blank for the Wisdom Literature unit? (very intentional, but why?)

-no specific law in Wisdom Literature
-"there is an absence of references to Moses, Mt. Sinai, patriarchs, and other items in the Israelite Tradition"
-philosophical questioning, not laws
-Universal appeal



"Is life worth living?"
"That's just the way it is"
Similar approach to Ecclesiastes
-salty, negative approach
-life is a cycle