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What company produced within her eyes?

James Cousins


What dance styles are in within her eyes?

Contemporary and Ballet


What does James Cousins use in the dance?

-parallel/ turn out
-contraction/release of the torso
-use of gravity
-use of contact
-seamless changes of level direction


How many people are in within her eyes and what is a dance called containing this many people?

Two people making it a duet.


Themes explored in within her eyes.



Describe the beginning setting and what she is wearing including the reason why.

She is in a dull, empty street to show she feels isolated which is also reflected within her costume; she is dressed in a cardigan, wrapped around her, to make her feel secure (supply some comfort).


Why does the camera angle change during the dance?

It changes as their relationship develops.


Describe the females costume and why she is dressed like that.

She is dressed in pale clothing in order to show she is almost like a spirit. She is torn between the present and the past so almost not fully there. She is also constantly up high which represents the fact she is like a spirit.


Describe the males costume and how this helps imply his position.

He wears dark clothes to show how solid he is in contrast to her as he represents the earth. The colours display how grounder he is. He is also what is keeping her attached to the earth although her different levels represent how grounded and close she feels to him. He is supporting her although she is torn between him and her past.


What does ethereal mean?

Extremely delicate and light like how the female is represented.


What does the female wear?

-light coloured shirt (beige)
-beige leotard


What is the male dressed in?

Long sleeved dark jumper and dark jeans.


Describe a motif in within her eyes.

-looking out into the distance for something
-making a circular shape on the ground (turn)
-he is supporting her and focussing on her
-she is rigid and straight
-bent knees into her chest
-he appeared to be hugging her


Who is the creative producer in the James Cousins dance company?

Francesca Mosely


The company is a vehicle through which he explores...

new ideas with his team of collaborators.


James has a passion for what and how has this effected his company?

James has a passion for nurturing young talent in order to help it grow, this is why a learning and participation programme is at the heart of the company.


What is the date of the first performance?

February 2016 was the launch of within her eyes.


What is the dance style?

The dance style is contemporary and includes a lot of contact work.


It uses choreography from where?

It uses choreography from Cousin’s stage production ‘There We Have Been’ and the piece is set outdoors in a bleak landscape


In the original choreography he worked from three starting points...

- the narrative
- the emotional themes
- the physical idea of keeping the female dancer off the floor.


How were the actual moves for the dance developed?

By collaborating with the dancers the movement was developed through improvisation, which was all filmed and then learnt back from the video.


These pieces were then put together into a structure that reflected what?

These pieces were then put together into a structure that reflected the narrative arc of the story.