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What did the Spartan treatment of women, in part, inspire Aristotle to call Sparta? And what else?

'Again, the license of the Lacedeamonian women defeats the intention of the Spartan constitution, and is adverse to the happiness of the state.'


Although they were considered Spartiates, what were women not allowed to do?

Attend the Ecclesia, so could not vote on issues put forward to them?


More or less 'freedom' than Perioikoi?

Had to conform to state, but technically had more constitutional freedom/ rights than Perioikoi, as considered citizens of Sparta.


What was different about the freedom to roam for women in Sparta as opposed to Athens?

Could leave the house when they wanted without an escort, and visible, too.


Why were women expected/ rewarded for having healthy sons? (3)

Sons were needed to become warriors.
Child morality rates were high
Lack of medicine meant high morality rates in general


If a Spartan woman gave birth to 3 or more sons, what would she be rewarded with?

Special privileges and status, similar to veteran soldiers who had triumphed on the battle field several times.


What could women own, and what would not happen to it?

They could own land and property, which would not become their husband's when they married , or their son's if their husband died. (There were some highly coveted heiresses)
If she was widowed his land WOULD go to his kids, though (according to his wishes)


What were women required to do (think army)? Why? (3)

They had to manage the estate and their household farm, because the men could not as they were usually away at war/ training.
Provided food for syssistions (see above)
Provided sons agoge fees(see above)


Women and money, in comparison to Athens.

Spartan women ran accounts of the estate, while Athenian women could not have more money on them than they required to purchase a bushel of grain.


What Spartan state ideology did Spartan women support (which horrified other Greek women)?

They should be used for propaganda (fanatical supporters)
'Exposed' their children on Mt Taygetus if declared weak (by council of elders)
Sent their sons off to the agoge at 7 with the words: "Either with your shield or on it" (i.e. either victorious or dead)


What did Spartan women typically think of a son who deserted a battle?

That they were 'whelps'; they would sooner disown them than welcome them back into their homes. Would allegedly kill them- story of returned son and mother with tile


What did Spartan women typically think of a son who died in battle?

They were proud of them, and more importantly, so was the state. They did not cry for them; they had died for the glory of Sparta.


Where did the young girls live?

At home.


how were they possibly organised in order to receive a Spartan education?



Were they kept separate from the boys when young?

Nope- they exercised together, so that the girls would be healthy and produce strong babies, especially sons.


What does Plutarch say young girls did?

Ran, threw the javelin, wrestled, and participated in discus and ball games. (did not say archery, but pottery illustrations say they did)


got up to choral events etc