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When did the nerthalands die?

The nerthalands died out about 25,000 years ago


Summarise what the theory of evolution means?

All humans originated in Africa from Ape like creatures.they then migrated to Other places


When did the nerthalands live?

They lived about 30,000 years ago


How did the aboriginal people of Austraila first come here?

All humans originated in Africa then migrated to sout East Asia to Australia


Why is it difficult to find an exact date for aboriginal rock paintings or other artefacts such as sacred ceremony sites

The evidence would have gotten wrecked by the weather or would have been damaged over time


Why did the aboriginal Australians not have wars between tribal groups ?

Because the aboriginal people passed down stories from their ancestors which contained where their spiritual connection to the land was so they won't worried about other parts of the land.


What is a primary source?

A primary source Is something made in first hand like a painting, a clay model,artefacts,or even documents


What is a secondary source?

A secondary is something made after the event like a map,clay ,documents


What happened to the Fertile Crescent at the last ice age?

The atmosphere increased so wheat grew


What was the change called the Neolithic region?

It was the end of hunter gatherers and the start of farming and settled community's


What was the worlds first city called?

Cathy huyuk (turkey)


Civilisations liked Sumer did not treat everyone as equal explain y?

This is because social classes developed which ment some became rulers while other were workers or slaves


What are four important things the Sumerians invented?

The wheel,Plowright,cuneiform and levees which is like a river to stop floods and directed water through channels


What are Netherlands?

Netherlands were an early species of humans.