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What two different video display options are available on a video track in the Edit window?

Frames view and Blocks view.


How can an Avid video track be distinguished from a QuickTime video track?

Icon displayed in the video track.


Can Avid and QuickTime video files reside on the same video track?



What is required to playback Avid SD files from the Pro Tools timeline?

A supported Avid DNA video peripheral.


How can a video track be locked and unlocked? (3)

1. Select video track(s) you wish to lock/unlock.
2. Ctrl+Click nameplate of any selected video track.
3. Select/deselect 'Locked'.


How can the Video window be displayed? (2)

Window > Video.


How can the Video window be resized? (2)

Place cursor at bottom right of Video window and drag.
Ctrl+Click in Video window and choose size option.


If displaying high-resolution QuickTime video for playback, what is the risk of resizing the Video window?

It may place an increased load on the computer's processor.


What can be done to help slower CPUs handle video files?

Export an alternative low-resolution (smaller file size) QuickTime file from the video editing application.


What can be done to ensure a Pro Tools system does not struggle with high-resolution video?

Export an alternative low-resolution (smaller file size) QuickTime file from the video editing application.


What editing tools can be used on video tracks?

All edit tools, except TCE Trim and Pencil.


What type of video can playback but not be edited in the Pro Tools timeline?

MPEG-2 video.


How is video file renaming different from audio file renaming?

You do not have the option of also renaming the video file on disk.


Why can you not rename video files on disk?

It is a safety precaution for those users working as part of a shared storage network such as Avid ISIS. In such an environment, multiple users may have access to the same source files on the network and accidental renaming of such files would cause issues for other users on the network.


What is the risk of pasting audio and video simultaneously?

The video may be realigned to the nearest video frame boundary which will knock the audio out of sync.


What is the recommended edit mode for editing video in Pro Tools?

Grid mode.


When editing video in Grid mode, how should the grid values be set?

Grid values should be set to timecode frames that match the video engine frame rate.


When editing video in Grid mode, what will happen if the grid is not set correctly?

Audio edits will not align with corresponding video edits, because the video edits will be rounded to the nearest video engine frame boundary.


What is the Video Universe window used for?

Viewing, navigating, zooming and selecting video clips on the main online video track.


When are you able to color code video clips for easier navigation?

When a video track is set to Blocks view.


How can video clips in the timeline be selected from the Video Universe window?

1. Move cursor over bottom half of any video frame until it becomes Selector tool.
2. Select.