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Developed to try to protect Europe from the Viking invasions.

The king is at the top of feudalism, then lords, then knights. Feudalism was governed by the Code of Chivalry.



The economic system of the European Middle Ages.

The manor was the land granted by the king to the lords and knights in exchange for military service. Serfs and peasants provided physical labor. Manors were self-sufficient with vast farm land, artisans, and a church.


Norman Conquest of 1066

William of Normandy (northern France) invaded Britain.

At the battle of Hastings, William "the Conquerer" defeated the English king and took England as his own.

William introduced feudalism to England.



In 1095 Pope Urban II asked the kings of Europe to send knights to "liberate" the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the Muslim Turks.

The first crusade occurred in 1096 and ended with Europeans capturing Jerusalem from the Turks. The Europeans soon lost Jerusalem and other crusades occurred, but Jerusalem remained under the control of the Muslims until the 20th century.



Created to control the numbers of people involved in each artisan group.

This limits the workers so that ages remain high.

Blacksmiths, goldsmiths, etc.


Roman Catholic Church

Based in Rome and led by the Pope. Flourished after Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in 381AD and it was legalized.
The Bishop of Rome (Pope) blessed the reign of kings and was the dominant political power of Europe.
Provided basic protections that were lost with the fall of the Roman Empire


Eastern Orthodox Church

Based out of Constantinople (Istanbul).
Broke off from the Roman Catholic Church in 1054.
Not as politically powerful as the RCC but still a dominant force in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Five Pillars of Islam

The foundation of Islam.
-The declaration of faith.
-Prayer five times a day, facing Mecca.
-Fasting during the month of Ramadan.
-Giving to charity.
-Hajj- pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in every Muslim's life.


Silk Roads

An extensive trade network with all of Asia and the Middle East.