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How many muscles are in the hand?

approx. 10


How many extrinsic muscles act on the thumb?



Can you name the 4 extrinsic muscles that act on the thumb?

Abductor Pollicis Brevis (APB), Flexor Pollicis Brevis (FPB), Adductor Pollicis and Oppens pollicis


What is the origin for APB?

Flexor retinaculum and tubercles on scaphoid and trapezium


What action does the Abductor Pollicis Brevis have on the thumb?

Assists oppens pollicis by rotating proximal phalanx slightly medially. If palm is in x and y plane...bring thumb to the z plane


Where does APB insert?

On lateral side base of proximal phalanx


There are 4 thumb muscles, 3 have the same innervation.The Adductor Pollicis is the odd one out. Which nerve supplies those 3 muscles?

The recurrent branch of the median nerve (C8, T1)


Which nerve innervates the Adductor pollicis muscle?

Deep branch of the Ulnar nerve (C8,T1)


Which muscle is opposed to the Abductor Pollicis? hint-What is its action?

The Adductor pollicis... ADducts the thumb


What are the 6 motions of the thumb?

aDduction, aBduction, flexion, extension, opposition and reposition


What is the difference between opposition and flexion?

Opposition is thumb to pinky, flexion is thumb to palm


Now which two muscles do opposition and flexion for the thumb?

Opponens Pollicis and Flexor Pollicis brevis (FPB)


4 thumb muscles...3 have the same origin...what is it?

Flexor retinaculum and tubercles of scaphoid and trapezium

the adductor pollicis is the odd muscle out


Which muscle of the thumb moves it toward the palm giving you power to grip?

Adductor pollicis


7 muscles left in the hand and all have innervation from which common nerve?

The ulnar nerve


The palmaris brevis is innervated by the?

Superficial ulnar nerve


The Abductor digiti minimi, flexor digiti minimi brevis, opponens digiti minimi, lumbricals 3-4, palmar interossei 1-3, and dorsal interossei 1-4 are innervated by?

Deep ulnar nerve


lumbricals 1-2 are innervated by?

Common palmar digital nn. of the median nerve (C8,T1)


How do you test the lumbricals?

With a Z-movement or little kid wave which is the opposite of a claw hand


how do you test the palmar interossei?

hold a piece of paper between the fingers and resist it being pulled away


How do you test the dorsal interossei?

Abduct fingers against resistance


How do you test the deep branch of the ulnar nerve?

Abduct fingers against resistance. Same as dorsal interossei test


What is the difference between the dorsal interossei and the palmer interossei aside from location?

Their actions are opposite. The palmer interossei ADD digits 2,4 and 5 Why not 3? midline. The dorsal interossei ABD digits 2-4


What are the two main arteries of the hand?

Radial and Ulnar aa.


What are the terminal branches of the Ulnar artery?

The superficial palmer arterial arch and the deep palmar branch


What are the branches off of the superficial palmar arterial arch?

superficial palmer arterial aches joins to the superficial branch of the radial artery. Off of this arch comes the 3 Common Palmar Digital arteries and each divides into the Proper Palmar Digital arteries


What are the 4 branches off of the radial artery in the forearm?

Superficial branch of radial artery, deep palmer arterial arch, radialis indicis a., and the dorsal carpal arch


What are the branches off of the deep palmar arterial arch?

It is continuous with Ulnar a. and gives rise to the 3 palmar metacarpal arteries and the princeps pollicis a. that runs on the palmar aspect of the thumb


What are the names of the two main veins in the hand?

They are the superficial and deep palmer venous arches. They are associated with the superficial and deep palmer arterial arches


What are the three and nerves that innervate the hand?

median n. ulnar n. and the radial n.