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pyrogenium- surgical trauma

"Purulent offensive infections
High fever w/ slow pulse
Bed is too hard to find a comfortable position "


pyrogenium- fever/chills

"Chill at 7 p m
Internal chill, as if in bones
Pulse goes down as temperature increases
Restlessness during influenza
Pain in thighs during chill, sitting agg"


rhus tox- sprains

"Stiff painful feeling leading to restlessness
Compelled to move the affected joint
Worse first motion, better continued motion and heat, worse cold/damp
Lameness after sprain
Bad effects from straining/lifting
Trembling after exertion
Aggravation from rest = keynote"


rhus tox- lumbago/sciatica

"Stiffness/immobility with pain, much better w/ continued motion
Worse sitting still, on first motion in morning, cold damp, getting wet, from lifting
Back pain: must constantly move in bed"


rhus tox- concission/head injury

"Vomiting after injury
Back injury – lifting agg
Restless state where sitting agg"


rhus tox- fever/chills

"Sitting still agg, motion ameliorates
Chill putting hand out of bed, worse damp
Coldness in blood vessels, blood burning in veins
Hearing impaired during heat, hearing lost during fever"


rhus tox- exanthema

"Sitting still agg, motion amel
Chill: dashed with cold water, or cold water in vessels after moving, eating, or drinking
Hot water in vessels or dashed w/ hot water
Coldness in blood vessels, blood burning in veins "


ruta - sprains

"Strains of flexor tendons
Stiffness and sore/bruised pain in wrists
Stiffness of tendons
Easy dislocation of ankles
Lameness of ankle, wrist, joint after sprain
Injuries of periosteum
Ganglion originating from blow
Better by rubbing"


ruta- fractures

Affinity for periosteum
Fractures where bone is right under the skin


ruta- lumbago/sciatica

"Lumbago w/ stiffness and lameness
Back pain: lameness
Worse after injury/strain"


ruta-Concussion/head injury

"Vomiting, constipation after injury
Anxiety on becoming warm "


sabadilla- pharyngitis and tonsilitis

"Throat: complaints of left throat extending to right
Throat: foreign body – sensation of skin hanging loose in throat & they must swallow over it
Delusions: part of body is deformed, disease of throat which is fatal, she is pregnant"


silicea terra- wounds/stings

"Defective assimilation
Differentiate from hepar sulph
Suppuration of wounds
Wounds: tendency to slowly heal
Wounds: reopening of old wounds "


silicae terra- pharyngitis

"Throat: lifting agg
Throat: sensation of hair
Throat: difficulty swallowing – can swallow liquids but gags w/ solids
Arguing: not arguing despite having firm convictions & keeping them
Sensitive to steel points directed at them
Head: sensitive to brushing hair, to hat
Inflammation of lids/ducts in newborns
Nausea after vaccination "


squilla ( scilla) maritima- exanthema

"Fever: coughing increases the heat
Fever: aversion to uncovering"


squilla- cough

"Lachrymation, spurting urination during cough
Sneezing with cough
Rubbing face and eyes with fists during cough
Cough dry in evening & loose in AM – expectoration in Am only
Cough sudden & violent in morning "


staphasagria- wounds/stings

"Lacerations w/ marked pain d/t sensitivity
Extreme sensitivity of scars
Wounds: cuts
Wounds: painful (sensitive like their demeanor)
Injuries to orifices after surgery "


staphasangria- surgical trauma

"Eye inflammation, wounds
Burning pain of eye after operation
Teeth: sensitive/tender – cannot bear dental operation
Incisions are morbidly sensitive/painful
Complications/residual pain that damage/stretch orifices
Wounds: painful/sensitive/bleed freely and heal slowly"


urtica urens- wounds/stings

"Bites/stings with itching & prickling
Wheals better from constant rubbing
Generals: burning & stinging
Extremities: itching upper limbs as from nettles
Skin: burning as from nettles
Skin: urtica from warmth & exercise
Skin: itching/burning as from nettles
Chest: milk disappearing "


urtica urens- burns

"Minor burns w/ itching or prickling
Burns from scalding water"


zincum metallicum- exanthema

"Minor burns w/ itching or prickling
Burns from scalding water"