Digital Preservation

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Decks in this class (13)

Learn about software and hardware tools that may be important to know in digital preservation.
44  cards
Learn a bit more about checksums in detail.
29  cards
Learn about digital preservation concepts.
43  cards
Archival Principles
Digital preservation needs to be grounded in the principles for why we do this work. Archival theory is a big part of that.
35  cards
Organisation names for better or worse get bounded about somewhat. Get ahead and learn their names here.
36  cards
Computer Science
You only need a little bit of computer science to get ahead. Learn about it here.
57  cards
Digital Records with Intrinsic Value
It is all too easy to ignore what a digital record represents. We can migrate as we like. We can even emulate. But what is intrinsic value in a digital world This deck begins to help us to answer that.
5  cards
Learn about the open source Archivematica digital preservation system.
54  cards
DROID and Siegfried
Go into greater detail about both of these tools.
31  cards
Standards and information about those standards you'll hear about in digital preservation.
15  cards
NDSA Levels of Preservation
Learn about the National Digital Stewardship Alliance's Levels of Preservation (Version 1). A 101 borrowed from the NDSA.
26  cards
Tools Advanced
A little more information about the tools we've already looked at.
13  cards
Concepts Advanced
Learn about digital preservation concepts.
15  cards

More about Digital Preservation

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