digital graphic design

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Photoshop Final
Describe at least two types of im...,
How do you select tools in photoshop,
Describe two ways to zoom into or...
56  cards
Illustrator Final
Describe two ways to change the v...,
How do you select a tool in illus...,
How do you save panel locations a...
76  cards
GDS Chapter 2
What are the formal elements of d...,
What is a point,
What is a line
35  cards
GDS Chapter 3
What is a typeface,
How is height measured,
How is width measured
38  cards
GDS Chapter 4
What is design,
What should you place emphasis on,
What is the five mode design thin...
29  cards
GDS Chapter 5
What is any quality graphic desig...,
What is concept generation,
What are some skills of critical ...
30  cards
GDS Chapter 6
What is notation,
What is an example of a pictograph,
What is a silhouette
62  cards
GDS Chapter 7
What are the two main goals of co...,
What is composition,
What are margins
30  cards
GDS Chapter 8
What is proportion,
What is harmony,
What are the fibonacci numbers
26  cards
GDS Chapter 9
What is a poster,
What reinforces messages,
Who is credited with the notion o...
20  cards
GDS Chapter 10
What is the purpose of cover design,
What is some advice for designing...,
How can type and image be used to...
20  cards
GDS Chapter 11
What is branding,
What do key components of a brand...,
What are you tryingto build with ...
35  cards
GDS Chapter 12
What is an advertisement or ad,
What is effective advertising about,
What is advertising s main goal
31  cards
GDS Chapter 13
What are gestural interactions,
What kind of designs should you m...,
What should you consider when dea...
28  cards
GDS Chapter 14
What is the purpose of package de...,
What does package design involve,
What should you always work from
11  cards
GDS Chapter 15
What is a portfolio,
How should you archive your work,
What should an online presentatio...
15  cards
GDS Final
Define graphic design and give at...,
What might someone do for work in...,
What might someone do for work in...
58  cards

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