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1.1 Statistics + Measurement
Appeal to authority,
Argument from antiquity,
Ad hominem
14  cards
1.2 Measurement and Constructs
Weasel words definition example,
Conceptual definition definition,
Operational definition definition
7  cards
1.3 Research Design
Anecdotal evidence why case study...,
Anecdotal evidence,
Case study
14  cards
1.4 Predictions + Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive statistics,
10  cards
1.5 Variability + Inferential Statistics
More variability higher or lower ...,
Ultimate objective of inferential...,
Population is
6  cards
1.6 Practical Significance + Statistical Power
If the null is true then,
Type 1 error alpha,
Type 2 error beta
9  cards
2.1 Why is knowing about history important
Presentist bias,
What does the al haytham alhazem ...
5  cards
3.1 Forensic Intro
Forensic psychology definition,
Admissibility criteria,
Functions of an expert witness
17  cards
3.2 Eyewitness Evidence
Estimator variable,
System variable,
Factors increasing susceptibility...
15  cards
3.3 Witnesses II
Types of lineups,
Id evidence,
Id wrong surveyed justice officials
17  cards
3.4 Profiling + Lie Detection
Criminal profiling definition,
Early attempts at criminal profiling,
Deductive criminal profiling
30  cards
3.5 Interviews + False Confessions
Goals assumptions of police inter...,
History of coercive measures in p...,
The americans bible of interrogation
22  cards
3.6 The Psychology of Juries
Origin of juries,
Australia who can be member of jury,
Main jury function
38  cards
4.1 Introduction to personality
Why is defining personality such ...,
The definition,
Who thought about humors name em
17  cards
4.2 - Psychoanalytic + Psychodynamic Approaches
Freudy s bday dday,
Mental energy,
Libido life drive sexual drive
34  cards
4.3 Humanistic + Existential Approaches
12  cards
4.5 - Psychobiological + Lexical Approaches
List the assumptions of the trait...,
Another definition of personality,
What are the building blocks of p...
40  cards
4.6 - The Great Debate
Bf skinner,
Albert bandura
18  cards
5.1 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology
Define developmental psych,
Large broad general trajectory of...,
Cristine legare experiment
15  cards

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