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Chest X-Ray
What is another term for chest ra...,
How is the image of the chest rad...,
What are the four main densities ...
51  cards
What is the basic definition of p...,
Lobar pneumonia,
Double pneumonia
131  cards
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy to minimize cardio...,
Oxygen therapy and cardiac output,
Oxygen therapy and pulmonary vaso...
49  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
Cf etiology,
Cf and genetics
96  cards
Clinical Practice
How many clinical hours do you ne...,
What is the minimum continuing ed...
2  cards
Sleep Disordered Breathing
Normal sleep cycle,
How are stages of sleep determined,
Different stages of sleep
89  cards
Capillary Blood Sample
1 which of these contraindication...,
2 according to egan s what is the...,
3 approximately how much blood sh...
25  cards
Arterial Blood Gas
What can an abg tell us about the pt,
Main reasons to get an abg,
What should we check the patients...
63  cards
Random Study Questions
While inspecting an elderly femal...,
While auscultating a patient s ch...,
While feeling a patient s radial ...
26  cards
Principals of Anesthesia
Anesthesia definition,
Stages of anesthesia,
Stage 1 of anesthesiaa
15  cards
Anesthesia Pharmacology
Intravenous anesthetics,
Disadvantages of intravenous anes...,
Dose to effect
194  cards
Fluid Management and Blood Replacement
Fluid in our body,
Compartment of body fluid,
Intracellular fluid
54  cards
Local anesthesia,
What makes a good local anesthetic,
Common local anesthetics
65  cards
Preoperative Evaluation of the Patient
The proper pre op should include ...,
Fitness for anesthesia,
American society of anesthesiolog...
41  cards
Intraoperative Consideration
Breath holding
49  cards
Anesthesia Equipment
What does an anesthesia delivery ...,
What does an anesthesia delivery ...,
Electrical and pneumatic power so...
116  cards
Risk in Anesthesia
Factors to consider about the cho...,
Asa 1,
Asa 2
23  cards
Test Review
What will increasing partial pres...,
Anesthetic uptake from the lungs ...,
2 what effect will a small gradie...
112  cards
Practice Questions
An increased _______ indicates an...,
An anesthesiologist is assessing ...,
Oral intubation for a patient wit...
14  cards
What does it mean for a drug to h...,
Potency and lipid solubiity,
Blood solubility
9  cards
Post Anesthetic Recovery
Airway obstruction,
Hypoventilation due to pain
26  cards
Self Tests
The group of agents that can depr...,
Anesthesia means lack of pain per...,
Pain is easy to measureexperience...
8  cards
Full Review
Local anesthetics,
Regional anesthetics,
General anesthesia
10  cards
Smoking Cessation
Pack years calculation,
Pharmacology for smoking cessation,
The a of smoking cessation
4  cards
Airway Management
What is the purpose of the angle ...,
The nasopharyngeal airway is inse...,
Can you instill drugs down an et ...
42  cards
Initiation of Mechanical Ventilation
Name 2 full support ventilator mo...,
Name 2 partial support ventilator...,
What two settings on the ventilat...
26  cards
Gas Exchange
External respiration,
Components of respiration,
Internal respiration
33  cards
Functions of circulatory system,
The heart location,
25  cards
Blood composition,
Blood functions,
Volume of blood
40  cards
Immune System
External assaults,
Internal assaults,
Self markers
20  cards
Random Pharmacology
5  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
Why is an endotracheal tube somet...,
The primary purpose of permissive...,
Cpap and peep may be used to decr...
75  cards
What are some disadvantages for a...,
What technique can you use to cla...
2  cards
Non-Invasive Ventilation
Which statement related to improv...,
A patient is being ventilated wit...,
What are the 4 contraindications ...
10  cards
Pulmonary Edema
What therapy should be tried firs...
1  cards
A 57 year old woman with a 45 pac...
1  cards
Mechanical Ventilation Weaning
What is the definition of weaning...,
What mode of ventilation is desig...,
What 3 approaches are commonly us...
21  cards
Ventilator Waveforms
What is the square wave,
When is the square wave used,
What is a caution of the square wave
43  cards
PT-Vent Synchrony
Flow asynchrony is a result of what,
Trigger asynchrony can manifest a...,
Auto triggering is normally a res...
16  cards
Review Tests
Which of the following is the rec...,
2 which of the following is the m...,
3 what question does ethics try t...
280  cards
PA Tests
The palliative ventilator weaning...,
During an assessment for neurolog...,
Which of the following statements...
163  cards
Week 14 Semester 3
What should you set the plunger to,
What should you say to the patien...,
Optimal site for abg
34  cards
Review From Winter 2018
Droplet precautions,
Contact precautions,
Artifact error
15  cards
Amiodarone dose,
01mg kg max 6 mg kg as a rapid iv...,
Cardioversion indications
36  cards
What therapy would you give someo...,
Pathophysiology of rds,
Cxr stages for rds
4  cards
Tank calculation,
Oxygen cylinder conversion factors,
Oxygen cylinder conversion factors
10  cards
Review Questions
The oxygen electrode in a blood g...,
Obstructive lung disorders are as...,
Non maleficence means do no harm ...
47  cards
Near Drowning
New drowning outcome according to...,
Near drowning definition,
Dry drowning definition
43  cards
ICU Test Semester 1
Which of the following ventilator...,
Which receptor will the use of mo...,
You are assessing a patient with ...
36  cards
Home Care Test
How fast after inhalation will ni...,
Advantages to storing oxygen as a...,
Which of the following smoking ce...
27  cards
The intra aortic balloon pump a i...,
A 36 year old male presents to er...,
Which of the following is a clini...
30  cards
ED Test
Heliox is used for all of the fol...,
Which paralytic agents is suitabl...,
Severe facial trauma is an absolu...
36  cards
The principle that gas flow is pr...,
Which of the following is not a c...,
Which of these elements of a fvc ...
27  cards

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