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History of Respiratory Care
What is one of the primary method...,
What was widely prescribed in hos...,
The iron lung is an example of wh...
57  cards
Basics of Pulmonary Diagnostic Tests
Pumonary function tests can measu...,
Pft can be used for,
3 categoires of pulmonary functio...
79  cards
What is normally recorded in eith...,
When does the spirometer not need...,
Two acceptable vital capacity man...
64  cards
What is the common clinical prese...,
Is bronchiectasis reversible,
What do lung with bronchiectasis ...
129  cards
Circulatory System
Function of the circulatory system,
The heart,
Bicuspid valve
24  cards
Cardiovascular System
The cardiovascular system is resp...,
What is afterload,
What are baroreceptors
29  cards
Neurological Assessment of Critically Ill
What are the different features t...,
List five specific causes of deli...,
Outline the components of the abc...
26  cards
Acid Base Balance
What does acid base balance mean,
What is the hydrogen ion concentr...,
Where is the most water be found ...
19  cards
Nervous System
Central nervous system,
Peripheral nervous system,
Afferent neurons
29  cards
Regulation of Breathing
What is the apneustic center,
What is biot respirations,
What are chemoreceptors
17  cards
Cardiac Assessment for Critically Ill
Which of the following statements...,
Artifact on an ecg may be caused ...,
In which of the following cardiac...
10  cards
Congestive Heart Failure
Electocardiogram ecg,
Chf as a heterogeneous syndrome,
Chf prevalence
7  cards
Diuretic Agents
What is the main purpose of diure...,
What are the primary goals of diu...,
What is edema
11  cards
Extracorporeal Life Support
What is ecmo,
What are the 3 types of ecmo,
In hypoxic respiratory failure du...
11  cards
Cardiac Pharmacology
What is th bohr effect,
What is the amount of blood that ...,
What is the lowest pressure reach...
128  cards
Aerosol Therapy
Main uses of aerosol therapy,
Particle size,
Particle size
79  cards
Speciatly Gases
Nitric oxide properties,
No effects in the body,
Effects of no
27  cards

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