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1 imaging modality of choice when...,
2 typical age of intussusception ...,
3 what are the two typical anamne...
110  cards
Reasons for pediatric visit,
First steps to do during a consul...,
What to ask for during history ta...
28  cards
Physical examination of newborn w...,
Sequence of actions of physical exam,
What are the vitals
34  cards
pediatric lectures
From what age and until when is t...,
Stages from intrauterine life to ...,
Prevention in pediatrics
50  cards
fluid therapy
How much fluid input is ideal for...,
How to calculate the fluid intake...,
Calculate maintence fluid plan
32  cards
Vital signs 5,
What could cause tachycardia,
Rectal temperature
6  cards
Development, screening, immunization
Types of development,
Regular medical check ups on whic...,
0 3 day neonatology dep medical c...
35  cards
Symptom duration of acute subacut...,
Medical history includes,
Physical examination
38  cards
Anemia definition,
Anemia in different age groups 3m...,
Changes in hb and htc with age
17  cards
pediatric emergencies
What are pediatric emergencies,
Shock definition,
Causes of shock
36  cards
signs, symptoms of lung diseases , pneumonia
Signs of lung disease,
What questions are asked when dia...,
When is the lung fully developed
25  cards
Signs of infection,
Fever occurs in,
Monosymptomatic fever decision sh...
1  cards
GI 9, (13-15) , (49-54)
Meconium voiding,
Meconium ileus what is it,
Meconium ileus etiology
213  cards
Endocrinology 16, 35-40
Testicular torsion,
Mechanism of testicular torsion,
Irreversible damage occur after h...
137  cards
41, 42 Henoch schonlein purpura , Kawasaki, MISC
Henoch schonlein purpura iga vasc...,
Pathophysiology of henoch schonle...,
Henoch schonlein purpura iga vasc...
17  cards
Nephrology 43-46, 55-57
Urinary tract infection pathogens,
Classification of uti,
Risk factors for uti
151  cards
Cardiology 47, 48
When to suspect chd congenital he...,
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital ...,
When should fetal echo be perform...
64  cards
When to suggest a chromosomal abn...,
Autosomal aneuploidy can cause,
Sex chromosome aneuploidy can cause
441  cards
Pediatrics ss
When to suggest a chromosomal abn...,
Autosomal aneuploidy can cause,
Sex chromosome aneuploidy can cause
425  cards

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