(1) concomitant strabismus and visual development

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Week 1 - Assessment if infants and young children
Normal values for vision in children,
Challenges when testing vision in...,
How to be successful at testing i...
26  cards
Week 2 - Revision/general clinical strat
What are some common concerns fro...,
What questions need to be asked d...,
What are the symptoms
17  cards
Week 2 - Amblyopia
What is amblyopia,
Mechanisms of amblyopia,
What does amblyopia look like for...
31  cards
Week 3 - Postnatal development of visual function
Whats the development of visual p...,
What should we expect of a health...,
31  cards
Week 4 - Intro to BV
What is bv,
Advantages of bv,
What does binocular vision do
35  cards
Week 4 - Visual stress and dyslexia
Reading difficulties phonology,
Processing problems
16  cards
Week 5 - Assessment of binocular vision
Assessment if binocular vision in...,
Summary cover test,
How to tell if bsv present visual...
36  cards
Week 5 - Convergence anomalies
What is convergence abnormality,
Differential diagnosis,
Convergence insufficiency
21  cards
Week 6 - Classification of Heterophoria and Heterotropua
What causes heterophoria,
What is orthophoria,
The cover test heterophoria
36  cards
Week 6 - Accommodation Anomalies
Accommodation recap,
Accommodation vs no accommodation,
Components of accommodation
28  cards
Week 7 - Retinal correspondence, Arc and Microtropia
Bv reflexes,
Difference between strabismus bef...,
Strabismus required between 3 6
34  cards
Week 7 - Near problems management
Management refractive error,
Orthoptic exercises,
Aim of exercises
16  cards
Week 8 - Strabismus Surgery
Surgical principles,
Muscle weakening,
Posterior fixation suture faden
19  cards
Week 8 - BSV revision
Binocular vision definition norma...,
Worth s grades of bv,
Investigations into grades of bv ...
9  cards
Week 9 - Management of concomitant strabismus
What factors need to be considere...,
Age at onset
37  cards
Revision session flash cards
Cgls n sm eso with ad recd si eso...,
Near esotropia,
18  cards

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(1) concomitant strabismus and visual development

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