(1) fire officer principles and practices 3rd edition

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Chapter 1
What does nfpa 1021 deal with,
What is the term for a department...,
What percentage of firefighters a...
45  cards
Chapter 2
24how were jobs awarded prior to ...,
24what stopped the spoils system ...,
25how long do promotional list la...
27  cards
Chapter 3
42 administrative fire officer,
In response to a recent survey ch...,
45 46 the four times in a firefig...
39  cards
Chapter 4
62what is successful communication,
62effective communication does no...,
62the communication cycle consist...
68  cards
Chapter 5
86incident action plan,
86what is the first step in devel...,
86everyone goes home is a program...
77  cards
Chapter 6
112what do most fire officer find...,
112when did the concept of manage...,
112what are the two schools of hu...
33  cards
Chapter 7
128gary yukls definition of leade...,
129what are the three major leade...
29  cards
Chapter 8
142standard for fire service inst...
37  cards
Chapter 9
164what is the difference between...,
164what is meant by progressive d...,
164whats the ultimate form of neg...
49  cards
Chapter 10
184what are the three primary com...,
184where are memorandum of unders...,
184collective bargaining
37  cards
Chapter 11
205safety information shared thro...,
206 explain the difference in sys...
23  cards
Chapter 12
35  cards
Chapter 13
242what roles do fire officers pe...,
243pre incident planning,
243recommended practice for pre i...
73  cards
Chapter 14
32  cards
Chapter 15
292what two programs provided the...,
292 how did firescope and fire gr...,
293local emergency response agenc...
44  cards
Chapter 16
318rules of engagement roe origin,
319open structure,
319 enclosed structure
45  cards
Chapter 17
340what is the difference between...,
341you will laboratories identifi...,
342flow path
49  cards
Chapter 18
364what is one of the best starti...,
364who is responsible for conduct...,
365on smaller routine incidents w...
70  cards
Chapter 19
386crew resource management crm,
386after the introduction of crm ...,
387what are gordon duponts dirty ...
29  cards

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(1) fire officer principles and practices 3rd edition

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