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Key Concepts in Chemistry
How do negative ions anions form,
How do positive ions cations form
2  cards
Gases and Reversible Reactions
0  cards
What is electrolysis,
What is the process of electrolysis,
What occurs in electrolysis
45  cards
Acids, Alkalis and Salts
What is concentration,
What is dilute,
What is concentrated
4  cards
Chemical Changes & Separating & Purifying Substances
What is soluble,
What is insoluble,
What is a precipitate
43  cards
Qualititative Analysis
Why must a test for any ion be un...,
How many tests are there to ident...,
What are ionic compounds
32  cards
Quantitative Chemistry
What is the relative atomic mass,
What is the relative formula mass,
What is the theoretical yield
4  cards
Atomic structure and Bonding
What does the nucleus contain,
How can compounds form,
How can you break an ionic compound
63  cards
What is an indicator,
What colours does litmus show,
What colours does methyl orange show
46  cards
Topic 4 Acids and alkalis
1 what term describes a substance...,
2 name an acidic solution found i...,
3 name an alkaline solution used ...
70  cards
Topic 1 Structure of atom and Periodic Table
1 what a is all matter made of,
2 which scientist first came up w...,
3 how did dalton describe atoms
60  cards
Topic 6 Quantitative analysis, equilibrium, fuel cells
1 what is the relative formula ma...,
2 what is the relative formula ma...,
3 what is the relative formula ma...
80  cards
Topic 5b Transition metals and alloys
1 which are usually good conducto...,
2 what can you say about the melt...,
3 are most metals shiny or dull w...
50  cards
Topic 9 Organic chemistry
1 what two elements are found in ...,
2 most hydrocarbons contain a cha...,
3 these chains of atoms are linke...
90  cards
Topic 10 Qualitative and materials
1 to which group in the periodic ...,
2 to get a hot blue bunsen burner...,
3 what is the formula for a calci...
60  cards
Ions and ionic compounds
What is the formula of a hydrogen...,
What is the formula of a hydroxid...,
What is the formula of a sulphate...
47  cards
SC17 - Groups in the Periodic Table ✓
Sc17a what are the physical prope...,
Sc17a why are alkali metals store...,
Sc17a when you cut an alkali meta...
29  cards
SC15 & SC16 - Dynamic Equilibria, Calculations Involving Volumes of Gases / Chemical Cells and Fuel Cells ✓
Sc15a through what do plants abso...,
Sc15a why must fertilisers contai...,
Sc15a which three elements are fe...
28  cards
SC12 - Reversible Reactions and Equilibria ✓
Sc12a what is a reversible reaction,
Sc12a what symbol would show that...,
Sc12a in a reversible reaction ho...
8  cards
SC11 - Obtaining and Using Metals ✓
Sc11a list the resctivity series ...,
Sc11a how do potassium calcium an...,
Sc11a how do magnesium aluminium ...
18  cards
SC7 - Types of Substance ✓
Sc7a what is a compound,
Sc7a why do simple molecular comp...,
Sc7a why arent simple molecular c...
17  cards
SC9 - Calculations Involving Masses ✓
Sc9a what is the difference betwe...,
Sc9a how do you work out the empi...,
Sc9a describe how you can find th...
12  cards
SC4 - The Periodic Table ✓
Sc4a how did medeleev organise hi...,
Sc4a what two things did mendelee...,
Sc4a how did mendeleev predict th...
9  cards
Topic 8 Fuels and Earth science
1 what are the chemical symbols f...,
2 what type of bond ionic metalli...,
3 what state solid liquid or gas ...
100  cards
Topic 2 - States of matter and mixture
What are the properties of solids,
What are the properties of solids,
What are the properties of solids
27  cards
Topic 3 - Chemical changes
Learn about acid, alkali and salts
62  cards
Topic 4 - Extracting Metals And Equilibria
How can you deduce the reactivity...,
How can you deduce the reactivity...,
How can you deduce the reactivity...
34  cards
Topic 5 - Separate Chemistry 1
Where are transition metals located,
What do all transition metals hav...,
Describe the properties of transi...
41  cards
Topic 1 - Key concepts of Chemistry
How has dalton s model of the ato...,
Why has daltons s model of the at...,
Where are the subatomic particles...
58  cards
Topic 1 - Key concepts of Chemistry COPY
How has dalton s model of the ato...,
Why has daltons s model of the at...,
Where are the subatomic particles...
58  cards
Topic 6 - Groups in the Periodic table
Give properties of metals,
What is a metallic bond,
Give examples of metallic bonding
29  cards
Topic 7 - Rates Of Reaction And Energy Changes
How do you work out the rate of r...,
Describe an investigation to find...,
Describe an investigation to find...
28  cards
Rates of Reaction
Why is it important to keep ferme...,
How do you find the rate of react...,
If magnesium reacts with hydrochl...
43  cards
Topic 8 - Fuels and Earth Science
What are hydrocarbons,
What are crude oils,
Describe fractional distillation
32  cards
Topic 9 - Separate Chemistry 2
Why must the test for any ion be ...,
How do you test for cation,
How do you conduct a flame test
71  cards

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