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1.1 Atomic Structure
Are protons positively charged or...,
What 3 particles make up an atom,
Are electrons positively charged ...
38  cards
Separating Crude Oil - Jordan Saphir
Is the top of an oil fractionatin...,
What do we call the compounds tha...,
What happens to a liquid during i...
10  cards
Which main ions make hard water,
When calcium and magnesium ions r...,
What is considered very hard water
12  cards
2.1 Structure and Bonding
What is a polymer,
How do metals conduct heat energy,
Why are metals usually cool to touch
29  cards
2.3 Quantitative Chemistry And Analysis
Define relative atomic mass ar,
Define relative molecular mass,
What is the definition of empiric...
12  cards
2.6 Acids, Bases And Salts
Define an alkali,
What is a proton donor,
What oxide is required in the mak...
20  cards
2.5 Endothermic And Exothermic Reactions
What is an endothermic reaction,
Give an example of an endomorphic...,
How can energy change be monitored
14  cards
3.1 Periodic Table
Who made the law of octaves,
Who created a spiral to show the ...,
Who s periodic table is most simi...
64  cards
2.7 Electrolysis
Metals like gold are found as pur...,
What form must a substance be in ...,
Negative electrode is called
17  cards
1.2 Limestone
Is calcium carbonate a compound o...,
What is the chemical formula for ...,
What does calcium carbonate break...
34  cards
1.3 Metals
Which is more reactive sodium or ...,
What is the chemical symbol for iron,
What is the big block of metals i...
24  cards
1.4 Crude oil
Compared to large hydrocarbons sm...,
Crude oil is called a fossil fuel...,
Is the top of an oil fractioning ...
15  cards
1.5 Products from oil
What is the structure in which fr...,
What is the process of which all ...,
What are the products of cracking
28  cards
1.6 Plant oils
What is the highest temperature o...,
Name the three methods for extrac...,
Name advantages of steam distilla...
16  cards
1.7 Earth and Atmosphere
Who was alfred wegener,
What was the name of the experime...,
What process converted lots of th...
33  cards
3.2 Water
What causes tempory hardness,
What are the two ions which affec...,
What causes permanent hardness
29  cards
Atomic structure
Are atoms charged,
What does an atoms nucleus contain,
What is an atomic mass
11  cards
3.3 Calculating and explaining energy change
What are exothermic reactions,
What are endothermic reactions,
What happens during a chemical re...
8  cards
3.4 Further Analysis and quantitative chemistry
In the flame test calcium has wha...,
What is the colour from the flame...,
Wha metal gives a lilac flame
20  cards
3.5 The production of ammonia
If the temperature is increased i...,
When does the equilibrium seek to...,
If the pressure is decreased is t...
18  cards
3.6 Alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters
How are carboxylic acids formed,
What are the two ways that alcoho...,
What is an example of a chemical ...
35  cards
2.4 Rates of Reaction
0  cards
2.5 Endothermic and exothermic reactions (2)
Does an exothermic reaction give ...,
If the bond energy is greater in ...,
Is a thermal decomposition endo o...
4  cards

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