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The Tempest
How does prospero respond when mi...,
What does prospero tell miranda a...,
What does ariel report to prospero
7  cards
Eng Lang Paper1 Story1 - Mind Prison
Memorise this entire thing
10  cards
Macbeth - Introduction to "Macbeth" and Shakespeare
What is macbeth about,
How successful is macbeth,
What are the major themes in macbeth
51  cards
Macbeth - Discussion of Acts
What is act 1 scene 1 of macbeth ...,
What does act 1 scene 1 start with,
Who are the first characters on s...
144  cards
Macbeth - Character Analysis
Who is macbeth,
What main character trait does ma...,
What does macbeth have that can p...
117  cards
Macbeth - Context and Themes
What is the main theme in macbeth,
What does ambition motivate macbe...,
How does the play show that ambit...
95  cards
Macbeth - Shakespeare's Techniques
What is structure,
What is a plays structure,
What is one of the most important...
153  cards
Jekyll and Hyde - Introduction to “Jekyll and Hyde” and Stevenson + Background and Context
What is jekyll and hyde,
What values does jekyll and hy,
How does jekyll and hyde have a s...
70  cards
Jekyll and Hyde - Discussion of Chapters
Analysis story of the door chpt 1...,
Which character is introduced at ...,
What do utterson and enfield have...
152  cards
Jekyll and Hyde - Charactacter analysis
Who is dr henry jekyll,
What does jekyll appear to be,
Who does jekyll socialise with
114  cards
Jekyll and Hyde - Themes
What did victorian society expect...,
What is very important to gentlem...,
Who is wary of gossip
70  cards
Jekyll and Hyde - Stevenson's Techniques
Why is it important to write abou...,
What does the structure of the na...,
How is most of the story written in
95  cards
Don't stop
0  cards

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