1k the making of a superpower: usa, 1865–1975

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1865- 1890 The weaknesses of Federal Government: Johnson, Grant and the failue of Radical Reconstruction
The role of federal government an...,
When was andrew johnson president,
What did johnson want to do befor...
24  cards
1865- 1890 The politics of the Gilded Age and the era of weak presidents; political corruption.
To what extent were the president...,
What was the 1877 railroad strike...,
How did hayes reform the civil se...
8  cards
1865- 1890 Economic Growth and rise in corporations; railways; oil; developments in agriculture and urbanisation.
What were the economic effects of...,
How did the impact of civil war s...,
How did population growth influen...
16  cards
1865- 1890 Social, regional and ethnic divisions: divisions within and between North, South and West; position of African Americans and Natives.
What was the social position of a...,
What was the klu klux klan,
How did manifest destiny influenc...
20  cards
1865- 1890 Laissez-faire dominance and consequences; the impact of the ending of the frontier.
How much progress was made by the...,
How much progress if any was made...,
What was the national railroad st...
7  cards
1865- 1890 The limits of foreign engagement and continuation of isolationism: the continuation of the Monroe Doctrine; territorial consolidation (Alaska) and tensions over Canada.
What was the monroe doctrine,
To what extent did the usa carry ...,
How did the usa expand foreign po...
9  cards
1890-1920 The ideas and influence of Bryan, Roosevelt and Taft; Populism, Progressivism and Wilson’s New Freedom
Why did the populist party emerge...,
Why was there agricultural discon...,
How did the populist party form i...
35  cards
1890-1920 Economic change and developments: the rise of US dominance as an economic and industrial power and the consequences of this
To what extent did industry grow ...,
How influential was the depressio...,
Was there agricultural discontent...
5  cards
1890-1920 Foreign affairs: imperialism; engagement in international affairs; Spain and the Philippines; the Panama Canal; the First World War, neutrality and entry
Did the us become an accidental e...,
To what extent did the us become ...,
What was the open door policy
35  cards
1890-1920 Social developments: mass immigration and urbanisation and their consequences; the position of African-Americans
What were the effects of mass imm...,
How did americans react to immigr...,
To what extent was there segregat...
13  cards
1890-1920 The USA by 1920: economic power; social and ethnic divisions; political reaction and renewed isolationism
What was the us economy like by 1...,
What was the us society like by t...,
What were politics in the us like...
3  cards
1920-1945 Domestic politics: Harding, Coolidge and Republican conservatism; Hoover and the depression
Describe warren harding s campaign,
What were harding s achievements,
What were harding s shortcomings
25  cards
1920-1945 FD Roosevelt and the New Deals: conflict of ideas over the role of the Federal Government
Why did roosevelt win the 1932 pr...,
To what extent did the first new ...,
What was the hundred days
22  cards
1920-1945 The economy: boom to bust and recovery; structural weaknesses and the impact of the New Deals and the Second World War on economic recovery
What were the economic effects of...,
How did a belief in laissez faire...,
How did rugged individualism lead...
16  cards
1920-1945 The USA and international relations: the extent of isolationism; FDR and the end of isolationism and the Second World War
To what extent was the us isolati...,
Aims of foreign policy 139,
Why did the use give loans to eur...
18  cards
1920-1945 Social and cultural developments
Why and when was prohibition intr...,
Why did prohibition fail,
What were the benefits of prohibi...
17  cards
1920-1945 Social, regional and ethnic divisions: countryside versus city; divisions between North, West and South; African-Americans and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan
What were the reasons for the rev...,
Why did the kkk decline,
How did the second world war effe...
5  cards
1945-1970 Domestic politics: Truman, Eisenhower and post-war reconstruction
What was harry trumans presidency...,
What was the fun employment bill ...,
What were labour relations like u...
9  cards
1945-1975 Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon; New Frontier; the Great Society; Nixon and Republican revival
To what extent was kennedy s new ...,
What happened at the 1960 election,
What was the new frontier
20  cards
1945-1975 Economic change and developments: the rise of the consumer society and economic boom
Why did the usa experience prospe...,
How did the growing car industry ...,
To what extent was there growth o...
5  cards
1945-1975 Ideological, social, regional and ethnic divisions: McCarthyism; civil rights; youth culture; protest and the mass media
To what extent did the lifestyle ...,
To what extent was there growth o...,
How influential was sterotyping o...
45  cards
1945-1975 international relations: the Cold War and relations with the USSR and China; the Vietnam War
Why did the usa become involved i...,
What were post war relations like...,
What was the truman doctrine
38  cards
1945-1975 The USA by 1975: its place as a Superpower; the limits of social cohesion; new cultural developments, including the role of women and the position of African-Americans
What was the impact of watergate,
What was the economy like by 1975,
What was the usa s position in wo...
6  cards

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