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What are the materials used in im...,
What is stainless stain possibly ...,
What are the types of force
22  cards
Bonding Systems
What is the structure of enamel,
What is the surface energy of a m...,
Why do impurities reduce the surf...
47  cards
What is dental amalgam,
What are the biggest metal compon...,
What are the possible particle ty...
29  cards
Cavity Lining Materials
What are disadvantages of restora...,
What is the solution for the disa...,
Cavity base vs lining
34  cards
Glass Ionomer
What are the uses of gi and what ...,
What are the acid components of g...,
What are the powder components of gi
32  cards
Composite 1
What clinical cases can direct fi...,
What are the components of compos...,
What are the types of filler part...
24  cards
Composite 2
What are qualities of conventiona...,
What is the compressive strenght ...,
What is hardness
24  cards
What are the ideal mechanical pro...,
What material is used for dentures,
What is free radical addition pol...
29  cards
Impression Materials
What is the function of impressio...,
What is an impression,
What are clinical classfications ...
20  cards
What is a study model cast,
Before it is heated what is gypsu...,
What is plaster what is it s chem...
22  cards
DMS Tutorial
What is hardness,
Knoops vs vickers hardness,
What is compressive strength
12  cards
Elastomeric Impression Materials
What are the two impression mater...,
What are the desirable qualities ...,
What are the iso standards
13  cards
Metals & Alloys 1
Where are metals and alloys used ...,
What is a metal,
What is the crystalline structure...
24  cards
Metals & Alloys 2
What are the two definitions of a...,
What is the advantages of alloys,
Where are alloys used in dentistry
23  cards
Partial Dentures
What are examples of partial dent...,
What ym and el is wanted for part...,
What ym and el is wanted for part...
23  cards

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2 - dental material science

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