bds2 dental materials sciences

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Bonding Systems
6 properties of dental adhesive,
3 reasons why enamel bonding is easy,
Describe the mechanisms of acid e...
65  cards
15 factors which can go wrong whe...,
6 factors we need to consider whe...,
What will happen if caries remain...
46  cards
Intro to DMS
Steps in dental procedure,
What does the behaviour of dental...,
How is choice of dental material ...
67  cards
Composite Resin 1+2
When do you use direct filling ma...,
Ideal qualities of direct filling...,
5 components of composite resin
88  cards
Amalgam valuable restorative mate...,
2 main types of amalgam,
What makes amalgam
67  cards
Cavity Lining Materials
5 restorative materials you place...,
3 main disadvantages of restorati...,
How to resolve problems caused by...
58  cards
What is the measure of success of...,
3 error sources in denture produc...,
5 error sources in denture usage
40  cards
impression materials
What is an impression,
What are the 3 necessary function...,
What is the job dental stone
48  cards
3 names for gypsum,
What is a study model cast,
3 purposes of the study model cast
44  cards
2 types of elastomers,
Elastic behaviour is when,
Why are clinical trials often not...
21  cards
metals and alloys 1
5 examples of metal uses in denti...,
What is unique about amalgam,
54  cards
metals and alloys 2
3 advantages of alloys,
4 dental examples of alloy uses
56  cards
Partial Denture Alloys
What are 5 good mechanical proper...,
4 ways an alloy can be hardened,
2 types of alloy annealing
89  cards

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bds2 dental materials sciences

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