200 hour yoga teacher training study

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The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali (What is Yoga?)
How many sutras are in the yoga s...,
Sutra means,
The yoga sutras of pantanjali off...
6  cards
The 8 Limbs of Yoga
Ethical rules,
Personal observances,
Practice of physical postures
8  cards
Mind Soul Relationship: Philosophy of Perception
Self spirit consciousness the ete...,
The basic matter of the universe ...,
Supreme self
16  cards
8 Limbs of Yoga (Breaking it Down)
The 1st of the eight limbs consid...,
What are the five yama of social ...,
Non violence against the envirome...
20  cards
The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
This covers a broad range of topi...,
The vital energy that circulates ...,
The channels that form a network ...
13  cards
Ayurveda (Knowledge of Life Science)
Known to be the science of life c...,
Ayurveda works with what aspects ...,
Where did ayurveda originate from...
29  cards
Klesa (The 5 Afflictions, Causes of Suffering)
False knowledge not knowledge or ...,
Everything becomes either i or th...,
This translates to attachment it ...
6  cards
Koshas (5 Sheaths/Layers)
This layer is known as the food b...,
This sheath represents our energy...,
This is our thinking mind
5  cards
Yoga Timeline (Yoga History)
The postures at this phase of yog...,
What time period was the first do...,
When was the first archeological ...
16  cards
Yoga Family Tree
Who is the father of modern yoga,
Who is the founder of ashtanga vi...,
Who is the founder of iyengar ali...
5  cards
Branches of Yoga
This yoga is dedicated to the phy...,
What does the ha and tha mean in ...,
The word hatha is sanskrit means
21  cards
Ayurveda (Knowledge of Life Science) COPY
Known as the science of life,
What aspects of the human conditi...,
Where did this system of healthca...
38  cards
The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) COPY
Covers a broad range of topics in...,
Tcm is based on taoist principles...,
The five elements of traditional ...
19  cards
Standing Poses Breakdown #1
What does tadasana or samasthitih...,
What are the potential complicati...,
What does mountain pose strengthen
54  cards
Standing Poses Breakdown #2
What is parivrtta trikonasana,
What is revolved triangle,
What are some potential complicat...
81  cards
Kneeling Postures #1
What is sirsangusthasana,
What are some potential complicat...,
What muscles are strengthened in ...
81  cards
Kneeling Postures #2
What is trianga mukhaikapada pasc...,
What are some alignment cues for ...,
What does triangular facing forwa...
75  cards
What is anuvitasana,
What are the potential complicati...,
What is strengthened in a standin...
92  cards
Arm Balances
0  cards
Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga Differnces/Similarities
What is restorative yoga,
What are some props that restorat...,
What are some benefits of restora...
11  cards
Restorative Yoga Postures
What is balasana,
How many props needed for balasana,
How do you set up or cue balasana
34  cards
Pranayama (Breathwork)
Mastery of breath it is the fourt...,
Is ujjayi a cooling or heating pr...,
What does ujjayii breath stand for
25  cards
Anatomy Terms
What is anatomy,
What is kinesiology,
What is the difference between an...
71  cards
Sanskrit word meaning wheel it re...,
What are the seven main chakras a...,
What is the muladhara chakra
23  cards
What is mulabhanda,
What chakra is mulabhanda associa...,
Where is mulabhanda said to be lo...
14  cards
Major Bones and Landmarks of the Body
Tubular bones between the toes,
Between bones five long bones fou...,
Bones that make up the ankle they...
24  cards
Anatomy Terms and Applying to the Teaching of Asana or Our Physical Practice
The abilities of a tissue to leng...,
The ability of a tissue to shorte...,
The ability of a tissue to return...
35  cards
Conditions Students May Have With Modifications and Treatment
This is an inflammation of the pl...,
What is treatment for plantar fas...,
A condition that results from imp...
16  cards

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