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ADP 1 / ADRP 1 - The Army
The nco creed,
The soldier s creed,
The army song
13  cards
ADP 1-02 / ADRP 1-02 - Operational Terms and Military Symbols
What adp adrp covers operational ...,
Who is the principal audience for...,
What is the purpose of a common s...
12  cards
ADP 2-0 / ADRP 2-0 - Intelligence
What adp adrp covers intelligence,
Why does the army synchronizes it...,
How do multinational and interage...
12  cards
ADP 3-0 / ADRP 3-0 - Unified Land Operations
What adp adrp covers unified land...,
What is the description of unifie...,
What are the operational variables
12  cards
ADP 3-05 / ADRP 3-05 - Special Operations
What adp adrp covers special oper...,
What factors determine the employ...,
What are the special operations c...
6  cards
ADP 3-07 / ADRP 3-07 – Stability
What adp adrp covers stability,
What is stabilization,
What is the focus of stability tasks
10  cards
ADP 3-09 / ADRP 3-09 – Fires
What adp adrp covers fires,
What are the core competencies of...,
What are the critical capabilitie...
11  cards
ADP 3-28 / ADRP 3-28 - Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)
What adp adrp covers defense supp...,
What are the primary documents co...,
What are the 15 emergency support...
9  cards
ADP 3-37 / ADRP 3-37 – Protection
What adp adrp covers protection,
What is protection,
What are the protection principles
8  cards
ADP 3-90 / ADRP 3-90 - Offense and Defense
What adp adrp covers offense and ...,
What is tactics,
What is the tactical level of war
13  cards
ADP 4-0 / ADRP 4-0 – Sustainment
What adp adrp covers sustainment,
What is the sustainment warfighti...,
What is logistics
10  cards
ADP 5-0 / ADRP 5-0 - The Operations Process
What adp adrp covers the operatio...,
What is the army s framework for ...,
What are the major mission comman...
9  cards
ADP 6-0 / ADRP 6-0 - Mission Command
What adp adrp covers mission command,
What is the army s operational co...,
How are unified land operations a...
11  cards
ADP 6-22 / ADRP 6-22 - Army Leadership
What adp adrp covers army leadership,
What is leadership,
What is an army leader
11  cards
ADP 7-0 / ADRP 7-0 - Training Units and Developing Leaders
What adp adrp covers training uni...,
Who is responsible for training u...,
Where does training begin
10  cards
FM 1-0 - Human Resources Support
What fm covers human resources su...
1  cards
FM 1-04 - Legal Support to the Operational Army
What fm covers legal support to t...,
Judge advocates look to certain f...,
What is the purpose of military j...
9  cards
FM 1-05 - Religious Support
What fm covers religious support,
What is the mission of the army c...,
What are the three core competenc...
8  cards
FM 1-06 - Financial Management Operations
What fm covers financial manageme...
1  cards
FM 2-0 - Intelligence Operations
What fm covers intelligence opera...
1  cards
FM 2-22.3 - HUMINT Collector Operations
What fm covers humint collector o...
1  cards
FM 3-01 - Air and Missile Defense Operations
What fm covers air and missile de...
1  cards
FM 3-04 - Aviation Operations
What fm covers aviation operations
1  cards
FM 3-05 - Army Special Operations
What fm covers army special opera...
1  cards
FM 3-07 - Stability Operations
What fm covers stability operations
1  cards
FM 3-09 - Field Artillery Operations
What fm covers field artillery op...
1  cards
FM 3-11 - CBRN Operations
What fm covers cbrn operations
1  cards
FM 3-13 - Inform and Influence Activities
What fm covers inform and influen...,
Define inform and influence activ...,
What are information related capa...
10  cards
FM 3-14 - Army Space Operations
What fm covers army space operations
1  cards
FM 3-22 - Army Support to Security Cooperation
What fm covers army support to se...,
What is all dod interactions with...,
What is a group of programs autho...
9  cards
FM 3-24 – Counterinsurgency
What fm covers counterinsurgency
1  cards
FM 3-27 - Army Global Ballistic Missile Defense Operations
What fm covers army global ballis...
1  cards
FM 3-34 - Engineer Operations
What fm covers engineer operations
1  cards
FM 3-38 - Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
What fm covers cyber electromagne...
1  cards
FM 3-39 - Military Police Operations
What fm covers military police op...
1  cards
FM 3-50 - Personnel Recovery
What fm covers personnel recovery
1  cards
FM 3-52 - Airspace Control
What fm covers airspace control
1  cards
FM 3-53 - Military Information Support Operations (MISO)
What fm covers military informati...,
What is the purpose of military i...,
How are military information supp...
7  cards
FM 3-55 - Information Collection
What fm covers information collec...
1  cards
FM 3-57 - Civil Affairs
What fm covers civil affairs
1  cards
FM 3-61 - Public Affairs Operations
What fm covers public affairs ope...
1  cards
FM 3-63 - Detainee Operations
What fm covers detainee operations
1  cards
FM 3-81 - Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
What fm covers maneuver enhanceme...
1  cards
FM 3-90, Vol 1 - Offense and Defense
What fm covers offense and defense,
What is the purpose of an offensi...,
What are the characteristics of o...
8  cards
FM 3-90, Vol 2 - Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks
What fm covers reconnaissance sec...,
A mission undertaken to obtain by...,
What are the five forms of reconn...
8  cards
FM 3-94 - Division, Corps, and Theater Operations
What fm covers division corps and...
1  cards
FM 3-95 - Infantry Brigade Combat Team Operations
What fm covers infantry brigade c...
1  cards
FM 3-96 - Armored Brigade Combat Team Operations
What fm covers armored brigade co...
1  cards
FM 3-97 - Stryker Brigade Combat Team Operations
What fm covers stryker brigade co...
1  cards
FM 3-98 - Reconnaissance and Security Operations
What fm covers reconnaissance and...
1  cards
FM 3-99 - Airborne and Air Assault Operations
What fm covers airborne and air a...
1  cards
FM 4-01 - Transportation
What fm covers transportation
1  cards
FM 4-02 - Army Health System
What fm covers army health system
1  cards
FM 4-30 - Ordnance Operations
What fm covers ordnance operations
1  cards
FM 4-40 - Number Published as of 20130207
What fm covers number published a...
1  cards
FM 4-95 - Logistics Operations
What fm covers logistics operations
1  cards
FM 5-02 - Operational Environment
What fm covers operational enviro...
1  cards
FM 6-0 - Command and Staff Organization and Operations
What fm covers command and staff ...
1  cards
FM 6-02 - Signal Operations
What fm covers signal operations
1  cards
FM 6-99 - Report and Message Format
What fm covers report and message...
1  cards
FM 7-15 - Army Universal Task List
What fm covers army universal tas...,
What is the movement and maneuver...,
What is the intelligence warfight...
9  cards
FM 7-22 - Army Physical Readiness Training
What fm covers army physical read...,
Why is physical readiness trainin...,
Who serves as the primary trainer...
8  cards
FM 27-10 - The Law of Land Warfare
What fm covers the law of land wa...
1  cards

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