2mb renal (the directors cut)

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Anatomy of upper renal tract
Kidney job,
Ureter job,
Bladder job
37  cards
Anatomy of lower renal tract
False pelvis,
True pelvis,
Pelvic floor muscle
13  cards
Anatomy of male reproductive tract
Pathway of sperm,
Embryological movement of testes,
Testes sit inside
11  cards
How many nephrons per kidney,
Vascular variants at the hilum of...,
Strengths of us for kidneys
26  cards
IV fluid prescribing
Iv fluid management plan should i...,
Nice recommended fluid resuscitation
14  cards
Kidney fails to ascend from pelvis,
Inferior poles of metanephroi mee...,
Fistula cyst or sinus forming fro...
3  cards
Anatomy - Urinary Incontinence and Renal System Pain
2 types of sensory nerve,
3 types of motor nerve,
Ureteric peristalsis bladder cont...
25  cards
Chronic Kidney Disease
What is this,
When do symptoms typically occur,
End stage renal failure means
25  cards
Acute Kidney Injury
Definition of aki,
Staging system for aki,
3 broad causes
15  cards
Definition of glomerulonephritis,
Pathogenesis of gn,
Consequences of gn
22  cards
Hereditary Kidney Disease
Most frequent occurring life thre...,
85 of adpkd,
15 of adpkd
18  cards
Chronic pyelonephritis
19  cards
0  cards
Biochemistry - Hyperphosphataemia
Most phosphate is locked up where,
Role of parathyroid hormone,
Parathyroid hormone impact on kidney
3  cards
Bladder Outlet Obstruction Examination and Treatment
Obstruction is more common in mal...,
Over active bladder frequency and...,
Symptoms of voiding blockage effect
9  cards
Systemic disease and their treatments
Most common cause of renal failur...,
1st sign of renal damage in diabe...,
Pathogenesis of diabetes kidney d...
8  cards

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2mb renal (the directors cut)

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