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Toxicology Exam 1
The father of toxicology and what...,
65  cards
NEU Quiz 1
Name the functions of the nervous...,
What are the divisions of the ner...,
If a brain area is located superi...
29  cards
NEU Quiz 2
What components make up the neuro...,
Membrane transport,
Passive transport
34  cards
NEU Exam 1
What are the four principles of a...,
The all or none phenomenon,
Refractory periods
25  cards
NEU Quiz 3 - The Synapse Neurotransmission
The synapse,
Presynaptic neuron,
Postsynaptic neuron
27  cards
Bio Lab Quiz #2
Advantages as a model organism,
Distinguishing the sex of fruit f...,
28  cards
Toxicology Exam 2
What are three factors that deter...,
Major sites of sequestration,
Sequestration role of chemical na...
36  cards
NEU Quiz 5 - Vision
What is the fovea what is its rol...,
Which feature is responsible for ...,
What are the two photoreceptors w...
38  cards
NEU Quiz 4/6 - Hearing and Plasticity
Neuroplasticity definiton old vs new,
Various temporal components of sy...,
In mammals what is the typical br...
38  cards
Bio Lab Quiz #3
Immune system role,
Immune system role
44  cards
Toxicology Exam 3
Oxidative stress
56  cards
Bio Lab Quiz #4
Meiosis vs mitosis,
23  cards
NEU Quiz Tast/Smell
What cell types make up the olfac...,
Olfactory receptor neurons cells orn,
Supporting cells and basal cells
30  cards
NEU Quiz Somatosensation
Four major somatosensorymodalities,
Four major somatosensorymodalities,
Where are the cell bodies of soma...
33  cards
NEU Quiz Movement
Categories of movement,
Motor nerves,
Organization from largest to smal...
36  cards
Neu Quiz Autonomic Nervous System
Autonomic nervous system overview,
Cns and pns,
Somatic nervous system
29  cards
Final Questions
Which cells of the olfactory syst...,
A mouse strain you are working wi...,
A mouse strain you are working wi...
19  cards
Toxicology Exam 4
Cancer malignancy malignant neopl...,
Compare oncogenes with tumor supp...,
Compare oncogenes with tumor supp...
43  cards

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