A - Biology

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Topic 1A - Biological molecules ARN *
carbohydrates lipids proteins factors affecting enzyme action enzyme-controlled reactions
122  cards
Topic 1B - More biological molecules ARN *
DNA and RNA DNA replication water ATP inorganic ions
101  cards
Topic 2A - Cell structure and division DVY *
Eukaryotic cells and organelles prokaryotic cells and viruses analysis of cell components cell division - mitosis cell division - investigating mitosis
174  cards
Topic 2B - cell membranes DVY *
cell membrane structure exchange across cell membranes - diffusion exchange across cell membranes - osmosis exchange across cell membranes - active transport
63  cards
Topic 2C - Cells and the immune system DVY *
the immune system immunity and vaccines antibodies in medicine interpreting vaccine and antibody data HIV and Viruses
138  cards
Topic 3A - Exchange and transport systems DVY *
size and surface area Gas exchange Gas exchange in humans the effects of lung disease interpreting lung disease data dissecting gas exchange systems
142  cards
Topic 3B - more exchange and transport systems DVY *
digestion and absorption haemoglobin the circulatory system the heart transport in plants - xylem transport in plants - phloem
220  cards
Topic 4A - DNA, RNA and protein synthesis ARN *
DNA, genes and chromosomes RNA and protein synthesis the genetic code and nucleic acids
63  cards
Topic 4B - Diversity, classification and variation ARN *
meiosis and genetic variation mutations genetic diversity and natural selection investigating selection classification of organisms DNA technology, classification and diversity investigating variation biodiversity
157  cards
Topic 5A - Photosynthesis and respiration ARN *
Photosynthesis, respiration and ATP photosynthesis limiting factors in photosynthesis Photosynthesis experiments respiration aerobic respiration respiration experiments
147  cards
Topic 5B - Energy transfer and nutrient cycles ARN *
Energy transfer in ecosystems farming practices and production nutrient cycles fertilisers and eutrophication
70  cards
Topic 6A - Stimuli and response ARN *
nervous communication responses in plants and animals receptors control of heart rate
117  cards
Topic 6B - Nervous co-ordination ARN *
neurones synaptic transmission muscle contraction
107  cards
Topic 6C - Homeostasis ARN *
homeostasis basics control of blood glucose concentration the kidneys controlling blood water potential
91  cards
Topic 7A - Genetics DVY *
Inheritance Linkage and Epistasis The Chi-squared test
32  cards
Topic 7B - Populations and Evolution DVY *
the Hardy-Weinberg Principle variation and selection speciation and genetic drift
37  cards
Topic 7C - Populations in Ecosystems DVY *
ecosystems variation in population size investigating populations succession conservation
122  cards
Topic 8A - Mutations and gene expression DVY *
mutations cancer interpreting data on cancer stem cells regulation of transcription and translation epigenetic control of gene expression evaluating data on phenotypes
113  cards
Topic 8B - Genome projects and gene technology DVY *
Genome projects and making DNA fragments amplifying DNA fragments using recombinant DNA technology gene probes and medical diagnosis genetic fingerprinting
89  cards
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23  cards
Maths skills for A-level Biology
magnification uncertainties
48  cards

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A - Biology

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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