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Chapter 1 EMS Systems
Define emergency medical services...,
What are the four levels of ems t...,
Describe licensure criteria for a...
30  cards
Chapter 2 workforce safety and wellness
Define infectious disease and com...,
Describe the routes of disease tr...,
You and your partner are returnin...
35  cards
Chapter 3 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Discuss the scope of practice and...,
Differentiate between licensure a...,
Discuss the four factors that det...
19  cards
Chapter 4 Communication and Documentation
Describe factors and strategies t...,
Discuss the techniques of effecti...,
Discuss the techniques of effecti...
13  cards
Chapter 5 Medical Terminology
Explain the purpose and the impor...,
Explain the greek and latin origi...,
Define medical eponyms homonyms a...
14  cards
Chapter 6 Lifting and Moving Patients
Describe the technical skills and...,
Describe how following proper pat...,
Describe the guidelines for prope...
14  cards
Chapter 7 The Human Body
Describe the structure of a cell ...,
Explain the concept of fluid bala...,
Describe how the structure of a c...
23  cards
Chapter 8 Pathophysiology
Define pathophysiology including ...,
Compare atrophy hypertrophy hyper...,
Explain the causes clinical manif...
26  cards
Test 1 review body related
436  cards
Quiz 1
Continuing education in ems serve...,
Ems as we know it today had its o...,
Emt training in nearly every stat...
50  cards
Quiz 2
A 5 year old boy has fallen and h...,
A diabetic patient has polydipsia...,
A fracture of the humerus just ab...
50  cards
Quiz 3
During a resuscitation attempt th...,
Emts arrive at the scene of an il...,
In an interdependent group when o...
50  cards
Quiz 4
A 31 year old female is experienc...,
A drug is contraindicated for a p...,
Advil nuprin and motrin are trade...
50  cards
test 2 review
40  cards
module 6
Common signs and symptoms of acut...,
A patient who presents with a hea...,
A 62 year old man with a history ...
46  cards
8  cards

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