a-level business studies theme 4 (paper 1 23rd may)

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4.1.1 Growing Economies
What are the bric countries,
What are the mint countries,
What is an economy
6  cards
4.1.2 International Trade And Business
What are some common uk exports,
What is specialisation,
What are the befits to india of s...
6  cards
4.1.3 Factors Contributing To Increased Globalisation
What is globalisation,
What is trade liberalisation,
What are the 3 benefits of gatt
19  cards
4.1.4 Protectionism
What is protectionism,
What is the reason for protectionism,
15  cards
4.1.5 Trading Blocs
What is a trading bloc,
What does asean stand for,
What does nafta stand for
7  cards
4.2.1 Conditions That Prompt Trade
What push factors may force a bus...,
What is a saturated market,
Why is a saturated market a push ...
15  cards
4.2.2 Assessment Of A Country As A Market
What are the 5 factors that make ...,
What is a disposable income,
Why would a business look at leve...
11  cards
4.2.3 Assessment Of A Country As A Production Location
-9 factors#
13  cards
4.2.4 Reasons For Global Mergers Or Joint Ventures
What is a joint venture,
What is a merger,
How can joint ventures spread risk
10  cards
4.2.5 Global competitiveness
What are exchange rates,
How would appreciation effect uk ...,
How would appreciation effect uk ...
12  cards
4.3.1 Marketing
What is a global marketing strategy,
What are global brands,
What global marketing decisions p...
21  cards
4.3.2 Niche Markets
What is a niche market,
What does having cultural sensiti...,
How does cultural sensitivity eff...
12  cards
4.4.1 The Impact Of MNCs
What are the 6 positive effects o...,
Positive impacts creates employme...,
Positive impacts raises country s...
12  cards
4.3.3 Social And Cultural Factors
What do cultural factors include,
What do social factors include,
What are the communication needs ...
5  cards
4.4.2 Ethics
How are owners in a stakeholder c...,
How are customers in a stakeholde...,
How are managers in a stakeholder...
11  cards
4.4.3 Controlling MNCs
What are the 4 methods of control...,
How can political influence be us...,
What are the benefits of using po...
13  cards

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a-level business studies theme 4 (paper 1 23rd may)

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