a level business studies theme 4

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Conditions the prompt trade
Define a global market,
Define push factors,
Define pull factors
9  cards
Growing economies
Define globalisation,
What are the two types of economy,
Define a developed economy
15  cards
Assessment of a country as a market
What are the key criteria used wh...,
Define disposable income,
Why is disposable income an impor...
11  cards
International trade and business growth
Define international trade,
Define exports,
Define imports
17  cards
Assessment of a country as a production location
What are the factors considered w...,
Explain why costs of production a...,
Explain why skills and availabili...
16  cards
Reasons for global mergers or joint ventures
Define a global merger,
Define a takeover acquisition,
Define a joint venture
12  cards
Factors contributing to globalisation
What are the features of a global...,
What factors contribute to global...,
Define trade liberalisation
18  cards
Global competitiveness
Define global competitiveness,
What factors impact global compet...,
How does movement of exchange rat...
8  cards
The Impact of MNCs
Define an mnc,
What areas of the local economy c...,
What areas of the national econom...
15  cards
In what areas can there be ethica...,
Explain the stakeholder vs shareh...,
Explain the pay and working condi...
9  cards
Controlling MNCs
Why are the activities of mncs co...,
In what ways are mncs controlled,
How are mncs controlled influence...
14  cards
Define protectionism,
What are the reason for protectio...,
What are the key reasons for prot...
18  cards
Trading blocs
Define trading blocs,
What are the 5 types of trading bloc,
What are the similarities between...
12  cards
Define a global marketing strategy,
Define a localisation strategy,
Define a global localisation gloc...
14  cards
Niche Markets
Define a niche market,
What are the advantages of operat...,
What are the disadvantages of ope...
6  cards

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a level business studies theme 4

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