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a level chemistry b ocr

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EL 1&2: Mass spectrometry; fusion; emission/absorption spectra
What are the symbols for mass and...,
What are isotopes,
Explain how the process of mass s...
33  cards
EL 3&4: Electronic configuration, atomic structure
What term describes,
What are the shapes of s orbitals...,
When there is more than one orbit...
21  cards
EL 5&6: Covalent bonding, shapes of molecules, amount of substance
List the names for compounds cont...,
In covalent bonding there is a ba...,
Draw a dot and cross diagram show...
30  cards
EL 7&8: Ionic bonding, precipitation reactions, ionisation enthalpy
What is a valence electron,
What is a valence electron,
What is ionic bonding
31  cards
EL 8&9: Properties of s-block (mostly G2) compounds, acid-base equilibria
Explain why metals can conduct el...,
S block elements are the most rea...,
What are the products of the reac...
20  cards
DF defg: Energetics
What is thermochemistry,
Draw an enthalpy,
Enthalpy change is measured in wh...
33  cards
DF lmhij: Organic functional groups & nomenclature; catalysis; cracking
Which carbon compound are not stu...,
Define catenation,
What is a functional group
20  cards
DF boq: Organic bonding; electrophilic addition of alkenes
What is an electrophile,
What is the name given to a singl...,
What does a double bond consist of
22  cards
DF aprst: Polymers; ideal gas equation; isomerism
What is the difference between co...,
Describe the structure of an a b ...,
What is a benzene group otherwise...
22  cards
DF knu: Combustion; pollutants; fuels & sustainability
What is formed during complete an...,
Complete and balance the equation...,
Complete the equations and determ...
32  cards
ES bdefghijk: Properties of the halogens; oxidation states; redox
Name trends in the properties of ...,
By what process are the intermole...,
Why do the melting boiling points...
27  cards
ES copq: Electrolysis; equilibrium
What is formed during the electro...,
Reduction occurs at the __ oxidat...,
What is the rule for the reaction...
18  cards
ES almn: Risks & benefits of chlorine; iodine-thiosulfate titrations; hydrogen halides
What risks are associated with s ...,
Chlorine is transported in pressu...,
What are the 2 main uses of chlorine
18  cards
OZ efgh: Kinetics; catalysis
Name 5 methods of analysis which ...,
How does quenching work,
Define activation enthalpy
15  cards
OZ abcdk(i)n: Electronegativity; intermolecular bonding
Define electronegativity,
What is the trend in electronegat...,
Why does electronegativity decrea...
22  cards
OZ jk(ii)lm: Amines, haloalkanes; nucleophilic substitution
Name this haloalkane ch3chclcf3,
To which functional group do the ...,
Define substitution
14  cards
OZ istu: Percentage concentration & ppm; energy-matter interactions
By what factor,
A molecule has energy associated ...
11  cards
OZ opqr: Bond fission; radical reaction mechanisms; formation, effects & depletion of ozone
What happens during heter,
When is homolytic bond fission mo...,
Ch3cl hv ch3 cl what name is give...
19  cards
WM ab: Organic functional groups
Define primary secondary and tert...,
State whether the following alcoh...,
What is a carbonyl group
17  cards
WM cdhg: Organic reactions (alcohols & phenols); green chemistry
What is an elimination reaction,
What conditions are required for ...,
What conditions are required for ...
32  cards
WM ij: Modern analytical techniques: mass spectrometry; IR spectroscopy
Describe what is left over after ...,
On a mass spectrum intensity is p...,
The heaviest ion on a mass spectr...
20  cards
CI j: Nitrogen chemistry
Name 2 things which cause n2 to f...,
N2 has a high bond enthalpy draw ...,
To represent ammonia draw a dot a...
25  cards
CI abcde: Kinetics: rates & orders of reactions; Arrhenius equation
Why does increasing the concentra...,
Name factors which influence,
2h2o2 2h2o o2001 moles of oxygen ...
23  cards
CI fghk: Equilibrium; industrial sustainability
Explain what is meant by dynamic ...,
How is equilibrium concentration ...,
What formula is used to calculate kc
20  cards
PL hkop: Organic functional groups; esterification
Name this molecule hooc ch3 cooh,
What is the name of this molecule...,
Write the 2 ways of expressing et...
28  cards
PL lnop: Amines, amides, acyl chlorides, nylons
What are amines,
Name the following molecules,
Name ch3ch nh2 ch3 what type of m...
34  cards
PL m: Ester, polyester, amide & nylon hydrolysis
What is needed to break down a po...,
How would you increase the effect...,
Write the general equation for es...
21  cards
PL aijq: Amino acids; peptide bonding; optical isomerism
Aminocarboxylic acids are more co...,
Draw the general structure of an,
Amino acids are bifunctional comp...
25  cards
PL befg: Protein structure; enzyme catalysis & kinetics; molecular recognition
Name and describe the 3 levels of...,
Describe the bonding which occurs...,
Describe the bonding which occurs...
23  cards
PL cd: Nucleic acids; transcription; translation
Write out the formula for a phosp...,
Describe the structure of dna,
Dnas structure is a sugar phospha...
12  cards
PL rst: Modern analytical techniques: high-resolution mass spectrometry; NMR spectroscopy
High resolution mass spec,
C2h4 n2 and co all have mr,
Complete the table summarising ma...
21  cards
O abc: Enthalpies of ionic lattices & solutions
How is lattice enthalpy represent...,
Define lattice enthalpy,
Leh exothermic or endothermic or ...
23  cards
O ijklm: Acid-base equilibria
Define acids bases,
Write the formula for the conjuga...,
What is the conjugate base of hcl
42  cards
O hn: Solubility product; greenhouse effect
What is meant by solubility product,
How solubility product represente...,
How solubility product represente...
17  cards
O defg: Entropy
Define entropy,
When may endothermic reactions be...,
How is entropy change represented...
26  cards
DM ghl: D-block electronic configurations; transition metal catalysis
Shade the d block on the periodic...,
Draw a diagram showing the energi...,
What defines d block elements
29  cards
DM bijkm: Complexes & associated colour
What causes colouration,
Explain why transition metal,
Explain what the complementary co...
34  cards
DM ac: Redox titrations & equations
Explain the basic premise of mang...,
Potassium manganate vii oxidises ...,
Describe the procedure of a manga...
22  cards
DM def: Electrochemistry; rusting
Describe how cells work,
Define electrical current explain...,
What is meant by potential differ...
43  cards
CD ik: Reactions of carbonyl compounds
State and explain which of aldehy...,
State and explain what is observe...,
Is fehlings solution used as a te...
10  cards
CD deg: Aromatic compounds & their reactions
Draw the,
Name 2 characteristics of benzene...,
Describe and explain three issues...
39  cards
CD abhm: Origins of colour in organic compounds; diazonium and azo compounds; dyes
Explain in simple terms what caus...,
State what is meant by complement...,
Explain why some molecules are co...
39  cards
CD cn: Fats & oils; gas-liquid chromatography
What do fats and oils largely con...,
How are fats and,
The properties of fats and oils d...
18  cards
CD f: Tests for functional groups throughout spec
0  cards
CD j: Organic synthesis
Give the reactants and products f...,
Give the reactants required for t...
30  cards
T&P Measurement
Describe how you would investigat...,
Describe how you would investigat...,
Describe how you would weigh a so...
18  cards
T&P Synthesis
Describe what heating under reflu...,
Draw the apparatus used for heati...,
Describe how to heat a mixture un...
14  cards
T&P Purification
What apparatus is used to,
Describe how to purify organic li...,
Simple distillation
14  cards
T&P Analysis
What is the height a spot reaches...,
Describe how thin layer chromatog...,
What is thin layer chromatography...
35  cards
T&P Terminology
Define accuracy,
Define precision,
Define uncertainty
6  cards

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