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Othello Plot
Act 1 scene 1,
Act 1 scene 2,
Act 1 scene 3
15  cards
La Belle Dame sans Merci Plot
3  cards
The Eve of St Agnes plot
3  cards
Lamia Plot
3  cards
Death of a Salesman Plot
Act 1,
Act 2,
3  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Othello
Othello s occupation,
Desdemona did devour
47  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Iago
I follow him to serve my turn upo...,
I am not what i am,
Pour this pestilence into othello...
52  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Desdemona
Gentle desdemona,
A divided duty,
She is abused stoln from me and c...
43  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Emilia
You shall not write my praise,
Good madmam do i warrant it griev...,
I am glad i have found this napki...
29  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Cassio
About cassio,
About cassio,
Forsooth a great arithmatician
19  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Roderigo
Iago who hast my purse as if the ...,
What a full fortune does the thic...,
I will incontienently drown myself
7  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Jealously
Thinkst thou i d make a life of j...,
O beware jealously it is the gree...,
6  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Deception And Manipulation
I follow him to serve my turn upo...,
I am not what i am,
Pour this pestilence into othello...
14  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Insecurity
Othello s occupation,
Haply for i am,
Not i i must be found my parts my...
9  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Racial Prejudice
The moor,
An old black ram is tupping your ...,
Youll have your daughter covered ...
8  cards
Othello Key Quotes: Military
About othello valiant moor,
With greedy eardevour up my disco...,
About cassio
4  cards
Willy Loman Key Quotes
Willy is past sixty years of age ...,
His mercurial nature his temper h...,
The car kept going off onto the s...
144  cards
Linda Loman Key Quotes
Maybe its your glasses,
Most often jovial,
She has developed an iron repress...
25  cards
Biff Loman Key Quotes
Biff is two years older than his ...,
He has suceeded less and his drea...,
Remember that big betsy something...
66  cards
Happy Loman Key Quotes
14  cards
Bernard (DoaS) Key Quotes
4  cards
Charley (DoaS) Key Quotes
6  cards
La Belle Dame Sans Merci Key Quotes
Cold hill side,
The sedge has withered from the lake,
And no birds sing
8  cards
Lamia Key Quotes
From vale to vale from wood to wo...,
To find where this sweet nymph pr...,
He heard a mournful voice
5  cards
The Eve of St Agnes Key Quotes
Numb were the beadsman s fingers ...,
2  cards
Isabella; or The Pot of Basil Key Quotes
2  cards
Aspects of Tragedy
Loss of identity,
26  cards
DoaS Key Quotes: Capitalism and Work
4  cards
DoaS Context
The rise of capitalism and consum...,
The american dream,
Arthur miller
16  cards
Keats Context
Keat s writing,
Keat s influence,
Keat s family
8  cards
Othello Context
6  cards
The Kite Runner Context
Khaled hossenini,
11  cards
Blake Context
Industrial revolution,
Spiritual visions
20  cards
'La Belle Dame sans Merci': The Faery
I met a lady in the meads,
Her hair was long,
Her foot was light
8  cards
'La Belle Dame sans Merci': The Knight
O what can ail thee knight at arms,
So haggard and so woe begone,
I set her on my pacing steed
5  cards
La Belle Dame Sans Merci - A02
Pathetic fallacy,
Omniscient narrator,
Internal rhyme
12  cards
Isabella: or The Pot of Basil A02
Narrative bias,
Pathetic fallacy
14  cards
Lamia A02
Consistent structure,
14  cards
The Eve of St Agnes A02
Moonlight imagery,
Reconstruction of a medieval romance
16  cards
Lamia: Lamia
Mournful voice,
She was a gordian shape of dazzli...,
She seemed at once a penanced lad...
43  cards
Othello A02
O dialogueo soliloquy asideso ent...,
Sentence types structures
27  cards
The Eve of St Agnes: The Beadsman
His prayer he saith this patient ...,
Meagre barefoot wan,
His weak spirit fails
7  cards
The Eve of St Agnes: Madeline
The music yearning like a god in ...,
She danced along with vague regar...,
She closed the door she panted al...
7  cards
The Eve of St Agnes: Porphyro
Young porphyro with heart on fire,
Buttressed from moonlight stands ...,
And implores all saints to give h...
9  cards
The Eve of St Agnes: Tragedy
Tragic deaths,
Tragic victims,
6  cards
The Eve of St Agnes: Angela
3  cards
Isabella: or The Pot of Basil: Isabella
Fair isabel poor simple isabel,
Her lute string gave an echo of h...,
Sweet isabellas untouched cheekfe...
27  cards
Isabella: or The Pot of Basil: Lorenzo
A young palmer in loves eye,
Had given her to his eyes and fro...,
I will drink her tears
14  cards
Isabella: or The Pot of Basil: The Brothers
Why were they proud,
8  cards
Isabella; or The Pot of Basil: Tragedy
1  cards
Lamia: Lycius
Blinded lycius,
A youth of corinth,
She saw the young corinthian lycius
25  cards
Lamia: Apollonius
5  cards
Death of a Salesman A02
Staging lighting,
Manipulation of the borders of th...,
6  cards
The Lamb
Little lamb who made thee dost th...,
Gave thee clothing of delightsoft...,
Feed stream mead
9  cards
Infant Joy
Mother s response,
I have no name
10  cards
The Schoolboy
I love to rise in a summer morn,
The distant huntsman,
The skylark sings with meoh what ...
14  cards
The Echoing Green
Sun does ariseand make happy the ...,
Skylark and thrushthe birds of th...,
Old john
9  cards
Holy Thursday Innocence
Context of holy thursday,
Twas on a holy thursday their inn...,
The children walking two and two ...
12  cards
The Chimney-Sweeper Innocence
My father sold me while yet my to...,
Theres little tom dacre,
Curled like a lamb s back was shaved
17  cards
Holy Thursday Experience
In a rich and fruitful land,
Babes reduced to misery fed with ...,
Is that trembling cry a song
8  cards
The Chimney-Sweeper Experience
A little black thing among the snow,
Crying weep weep in notes of woe,
Where are thy father and mother
7  cards
The Tiger
Associations with tiger,
Tiger tiger burning bright,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry
12  cards
The Garden of Love
A chapel was built in the midst,
Thou shalt not writ over the door
10  cards
I wander through each chartered s...,
Near where the chartered thames d...,
And mark in every face i meet mar...
10  cards
National Trust
0  cards
Them & [uz]
0  cards
1  cards
Marked with D.
1  cards
Othello: Tragedy
16  cards
0  cards
Othello Characters
12  cards
Symbols In Othello
Animal imagery and failure to nam...,
11  cards
Othello Vocabulary
Debased value system
26  cards
Big Ideas Othello
Inevitable downfall of othello an...,
Othello and racism,
Iago and manipulation
10  cards
Harrison Context: Skinhead Culture
Where and when did this sub cultu...,
Why did this sub culture emerge i...,
What were their values and attitudes
5  cards
Harrison Context: Miners Strike
What events led to the miner s st...,
How was the miner s strike resolved,
Who was arthur scargill and what ...
5  cards
Harrison Context: UK Trade Unions & The Decline Of Manufacturing And Industry
How do trade unions work,
How do unions protect the workers,
What industries were prominent in...
6  cards
Harrison: Thatcherism & The Free Market
Who was margret thatcher and what...,
What effect did her governments p...,
What are the characteristics of a...
4  cards
Harrison Context: Grammar Schools & The Working Class Pupil
What is the difference between wo...,
What is a grammar school and why ...,
What children tended to attend gr...
4  cards
Harrison Context: Harrison
Where and when was harrison born,
Where did harrison grow up,
What jobs did harrison s parents ...
11  cards
Aspects of Social & Political protest
C n,
30  cards

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