a level history 1603 - 1660

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English Society 1603
What were issues in 1603 regardin...,
What was the role of justices of ...,
What was the idea behind commonwe...
19  cards
Finance In James' Reign
One of james main sources of inco...,
Describe how james raised money w...,
What was bate s case
6  cards
Finance In James' Reign
One of james main sources of inco...,
Describe how james raised money w...,
What was bate s case
6  cards
Life In 1603
What form of army could the crown...,
Administrative machinery could fo...,
What financial departments were i...
20  cards
Road To Civil War
By september 1641 many members of...,
What were oliver st john earl of ...,
When did long parliamet open and ...
13  cards
Second Bishops War And Why They Failed
After short parliament was dissol...,
What canons did laud issue in 1640,
Describe key features of second b...
6  cards
Second Bishops War And Why They Failed
After short parliament was dissol...,
What canons did laud issue in 1640,
Describe key features of second b...
6  cards
Religion C1
What was the belief behind person...,
What was the divine right of kings,
What was the 1547 book of hostili...
21  cards
1604 Hampton Court Conference
Who was involved when was the con...,
Describe discussion,
What were the results
3  cards
Millenary Petition and Hampton Court Conference 1603-04
When was the millenary petition i...,
Describe the bye and main plots,
What were consequences of the two...
5  cards
1605-1606 Gunpowder Plot
What did barry coward have to say...,
What were causes of the plot,
Describe the key features of the ...
4  cards
James I's Foreign Policy
What was englands situation in 16...,
What actions were made to increas...,
Who did elizabeth marry and what ...
9  cards
James' Finances***
In 16 sir francis goodwin won the...,
What was shirleys case 1604,
What happened when james fought f...
8  cards
Parliament Issues 1614-20
In 1614 the addled parliament met...,
Robert c earl of had an affair wi...,
What was george villiers main rol...
5  cards
1621 and 1624 Parliaments
Describe first part of 1621 meeti...,
During adjournment what was restr...,
In 1621 second meeting where did ...
7  cards
Finance (more detail) James' reign
How much debt did james inherit,
What did elizabeth do to make her...,
What were methods of royal revenue
25  cards
Religion James
In 1603 describe the millenary pe...,
Describe the bye plot and main plot,
Describe the hampton court confer...
12  cards
Puritan Network
What was the godly party linked b...,
Where were meetings mainly held w...,
What records were not kept of mee...
13  cards
End of Parliament, Laud, and Wentworth
Summarise the events from black r...,
What did kevin sharpe think about...,
What did richard cust think
23  cards
Finance in Charles' Personal Rule
What voluntary levies were issued...,
After 1629 what research was done...,
What was antiquarian research how...
12  cards
Ship Money
Describe development from charles...,
What did kevin sharpe argue charl...,
What are positives and negatives ...
20  cards
Billiard Ball Effect
Ireland was,
England was,
Scotland was
18  cards
William Laud's Measures
What did laud change about the co...,
There is no evidence laud was wha...,
What did he want to enforce with ...
12  cards
Puritan Network (more detail)
What did the network consist of,
Where did the godly party meet,
Why could oxbridge and the inns o...
11  cards
Execution of Strafford
When was the long parliament open...,
Who were imprisoned and awaiting ...,
What was issued in february 1641
9  cards
Charles' Personality
Who was james the son of who was ...,
When was james ceremony at stirli...,
Who was james cared for by which ...
18  cards
Charles' Foreign Policy
Who did charles show lack of comm...,
What were problems with charles p...,
Which people did charles offer pa...
13  cards
Relations with Parliament 1625-29
What did cogswell argue about cha...,
What were charles beliefs about p...,
In 1625 parliament what did charl...
19  cards
Civil War
What was the whig argument about ...,
What types of royalists were there,
What did tawney and stone argue a...
10  cards
Fighting in the Civil War
Describe the lead up to the battl...,
Summarise events at edgehill 23 1...,
How did the oxford treaty after e...
33  cards
Civil War Diluted
Describe the build up to the batt...,
Describe fighting at edgehillwho ...,
Describe the oxford treaty after ...
19  cards
Civil War Diluted 2
What problems did parliament suff...,
What was taken in june 1643 and w...,
What did sir ralph hopton do to s...
18  cards
Short Parliament
When did charles visit strafford ...,
What happened at the short parlia...,
Why had the parliament failed
3  cards
Early English Society and Reformation - AQA STUART BRITAIN
What were changes in economy and ...,
When did the black death and plag...,
Which sectors benefited from the ...
13  cards
James' Personality - AQA STUART BRITAIN
What are some causes for james vu...,
What writing did james produce in...,
Describe james relationship with ...
6  cards
James' Personality 2 - AQA STUART BRITAIN
What were james main flaws,
What actions did james make which...,
What issues did james arrive to i...
10  cards
Religion - 1603-5 - BETTER
What was the millenary petition,
What were requests issued for the...,
What happened in may 1603
12  cards

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