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Theme 1- Political and Governmental Change 1918-1933
What happened after the holy roma...,
What did otto von bismarck do,
What were the powers of the kaise...
39  cards
Theme 2- Opposition, Control and Consent 1918-1933
What events happened in ww1 that ...,
What was the stab in the back myth,
Why was it hard for german people...
44  cards
Theme 3- Reacting to Economic Challenges 1918-1933
Why was war debt a problem after ...,
What did the inter allied reparat...,
Why did germany suffer from a los...
39  cards
Theme 4- Aspects of Life 1918-1933
What is meant by the phrase new w...,
How many women were elected in th...,
What was the frauenuberschuss
39  cards
Theme 1- Political and Governmental Change 1933-1945
What were the main limitations to...,
What were the main reasons for hi...,
When was the reichstag fire and w...
41  cards
Theme 2- Opposition, Control And Consent 1933-1945
What are the 3 examples of youth ...,
What did the white rose group do,
What was the swing youth
52  cards
Theme 3- Controlling the Economy 1933-1945
What is the myth about the german...,
What was the nazi attitude to the...,
What was the nazi understanding o...
40  cards
Theme 4- Aspects of Life 1933-1945
What were the roles the nazis had...,
Which nazi policies tried to incr...,
How did the nazis try to encourag...
39  cards
Theme 1- Political and Governmental Change 1945-1989
What was the situation in post wa...,
What was decided at the potsdam c...,
When did trizonia become the fede...
41  cards
Theme 2- Opposition, Control and Consent 1945-1989
What are 2 good signs showing opp...,
What were the main reasons for st...,
Why did students go on strike at ...
30  cards
Theme 3- Economic Development and Policies 1945-1989
What did erhard do to reform the ...,
What was the impact of the end of...,
How much was tax reduced by and why
32  cards
Theme 4- Aspects of Life 1945-1989
What were trummelfrauen,
What was the social attitude towa...,
What did the basic law say in rel...
41  cards
Germany Section C
What were the initial interpretat...,
How did taylor and fischer challe...,
What were britain s attitudes and...
50  cards

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