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1.3 Economicand Social Problems In Germany 1919-24
How did germany fund ww1,
How did britain fund ww1,
What did the german methods of pr...
47  cards
1.2 Impact Of The Versailles Settlement On Germany
When was the armistice that neede...,
When was the conference convened ...,
When are german delicates given a...
30  cards
1.1 Impact Of War The Poltical Crisis Of November 1918, And The Establishment Of The Wiemar Constitution
What happened on the 29th septemb...,
30th september 1918,
1st october 1918
51  cards
1.4 Political Instability And Extremism 1919-24
What did proportional representat...,
What were a large amount of small...,
Why did the scheidemann cabinet r...
32  cards
2.5 Economic Developments
Why was stresmann s coalition dif...,
When did stresmann take over and ...,
What were the three aspects used ...
50  cards
2.6 Social And Cultural Developments In Germany 1924-28
What was the conflict within the ...,
What is a means test,
What were the the social welfare ...
48  cards
2.7 Political Developments And The Working Of Democracy 1924-28
Why was 1924 1928 a lot quieter t...,
What or people voted for pro repu...,
What was the nazi party s share o...
50  cards
2.8 Germanys International Postion 1924-28
When is the dawes plan,
When is the locarno pact,
When is the young plan
47  cards
3.9 The Impact Of The Great Depression 1929
What was the wall street crash,
What is black thursday and when i...,
On black thursday how much value ...
66  cards
3.10 The Appeal Of Nazism And Communism
Who gained the most electoral sup...,
Who was the nazi s core support b...,
Which fractions of german society...
37  cards
3.11 The Appointment Of Hitler As Chancellor
When is hindenburg re elected pre...,
When does bruning impose a ban on...,
When is bruning forced to resign ...
61  cards
3.12 The Establishment Of The Nazi Dictatorship Jan-March 1933
When does hitler become chancello...,
Who were the three nazis in hitle...,
What is the stahlhelm steel helmets
54  cards
4.14 Hitler’s Consolidation Of Power, March 1933-August 1934
What happens on the 2nd of may 1933,
When was the burning of the books...,
After the enabling act what was s...
47  cards
4.14 The “terror State”
Describe the nazipolice system,
How did himmler gain control of g...,
When did himmler take over ss lea...
27  cards
4.15 Economic Policies
Mefo bill,
Economic autarky,
Unemployment was 6mill in 1933 by...
20  cards
4.16 Social Polcies
What was hitler s overall aim for...,
What weed the two ways nazis gain...,
Schools how did nazis gain contro...
27  cards
4.17 The Radicalistion Of The State
What was phase 1 for the nazi regime,
What was phase 2 for the nazi regime,
What was phase 3 for the nazi regime
44  cards
4.18 Nazi Polcies Towards The Jews 1933-37
April 1933,
October 1933,
September 1935
13  cards
4.19 The Development Of Anti-semetic Polcies 1938-40
When was the registration of jewi...,
When are jewish passports stamped...,
When is reichkristllnact and jews...
25  cards
4.20 Policies Towards The Jews 1940-41
What does blitzkreig mean,
Operation barbarossa,
Feb 1940
13  cards
6.21 The Impact Of War On German Society
What was german public opinion at...,
Why were decrees established abou...,
When was clothing included in the...
21  cards
6.22 The Wartime Economy And Work Of Speer
Since when had germany been prepa...,
When does hitler issue a decree f...,
Why did germany face problems wit...
18  cards
6.23 The ‘final Solution’
When is the wannsee conference,
When is the round up of all jews ...,
When is the concentration of all ...
36  cards
6.24 Oppostion And Reisistance In War Time
What was a key wild clique that b...,
Who were the edelweiss pirates,
What did the edelweiss pirates do...
27  cards

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