a level history - tudors

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Chapter 1: Consolidation of power
When was the battle of bosworth,
How did henry vii become king,
Why was henry s claim to the thro...
26  cards
Chapter 2: Henry VII government
How many people attended henry vi...,
What were the functions of henry ...,
What three main types of councill...
25  cards
Chapter 3 - Englands relation with foreign power 1485-1509
What were henry s foreign policy ...,
Why did henry summon parliament i...,
When was the treaty of redon
29  cards
Chapter 4 - English society at the end of the fifteenth century
What was the system like in england,
How many of the population died d...,
What did the deaths in the black ...
30  cards
Chapter 5 - Economic Developments
What was the population in englan...,
What were the main industries in ...,
In the 1480s and 1490s what was e...
21  cards
Chapter 6 - Religion, Humanism, Arts and Learning
What was the function of the church,
Who was the highest position in t...,
What was the relationship between...
12  cards
Chapter 7 - The character and aims of Henry VIII
When did henry vii die,
What did people say about henry v...,
What did henry viii have no exper...
16  cards
Chapter 8 - Henry VIII, government and parliament
Who became gentlemen of the privy...,
When did wolsey remove the minion...,
Which part of government was out ...
38  cards
Chapter 9 - Foreign relations and securing the succession
When was the renewal of the treat...,
Where did henry send a force in 1513,
What did henry capture in 1513
27  cards
Chapter 10 - English society in the reign of Henry VIII
What happened to the size of the ...,
What tow non royal ducal titles d...,
Who was the nobility being brough...
22  cards
Chapter 11 - Economic developments in the reign of Henry VIII
What was the most important export,
What market declined during h8 s ...,
Which english company flourished
18  cards
Chapter 12 - Religion, ideas and reform
Who was the most significant huma...,
Which two schools adopted platoni...,
What increased amongst the elites
20  cards
Chapter 13 - Edward VI, Somerset and Northumberland
What was the religious status whe...,
What had happened to the crowns f...,
Why had coinage been debased
24  cards

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