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PAPER 1 - The Muscular System
Define isotonic contraction,
Define concentric,
Define eccentric
69  cards
PAPER 1 - Cardiovascular & Respiratory System
Define pulmonary circuit,
Define systemic circuit,
Define myogenic
106  cards
PAPER 1 - Energy for Exercise
What is adenosine triphosphate,
What at atpase,
What is an exothermic reaction
47  cards
PAPER 1 - Recovery, Altitude and Heat
What is epoc,
What is oxygen deficit,
What are the two stages of epoc
42  cards
PAPER 1 - Diet and Nutrition
Define macro nutrients,
Define micro nutrients,
Define enzyme
126  cards
PAPER 1 - Preparation and Training Methods
What is periodisation,
What is a macro cycle,
What is a meso cycle
136  cards
PAPER 1 - Injury Prevention
What are acute injuries,
Acute injuries causes,
Acute injuries example
89  cards
PAPER 1 - Biomechanics
Define newton s first law of moti...,
Define newton s second law of mot...,
Define newton s third law of moti...
87  cards
PAPER 2 - Skill Acquisition
What are the 6 classification con...,
What skills are in the environmen...,
What skills are in the pacing con...
31  cards
PAPER 2 - Classification of Skills
What are the different classifica...,
What skills are on the difficulty...,
What are simple skills
34  cards
PAPER 2 - Types and Methods of Practice
What is the part method,
What are the strengths of the par...,
What skills is the part method go...
24  cards
PAPER 2 - Transfer of Skills
0  cards
PAPER 2 - Learning Theories
0  cards
PAPER 2 - Stages of Learning, Guidance and Feedback
0  cards
PAPER 2 - Memory Models
Define encoding,
Define storage,
Define retrieval
15  cards
PAPER 2 - Sport Psychology
What is the narrow band approach,
What are some characteristics of ...,
What are some characteristics of ...
92  cards
PAPER 2 - Attribution in sport
What are attributions,
Give an example of attributions,
Which attribution is more likely ...
21  cards
PAPER 2 - Confidence & Self-efficacy
What is sport confidence,
What is self efficacy,
Give an example of sport confidence
26  cards
PAPER 2 - Leadership in Sport
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are emergent leaders,
What are the advantages of emerge...
19  cards
PAPER 2 - Stress Management
What are the physical responses t...,
What are stressors,
What is a stress response
34  cards
PAPER 3 - Emergence and evolution of modern sport
What are the characteristics of p...,
What are the characteristics of r...,
What is popular recreation
21  cards
PAPER 3 - Sport in the twenty-first century
0  cards
PAPER 3 - Global sporting events
When where the modern olympic gam...,
What was the philosophy of the mo...,
What are the aims of the olympics 4
23  cards
PAPER 3 - Ethics and Deviance in sport
What is blood doping,
Who is blood doping most commonly...,
What are anabolic steroids
21  cards
PAPER 3 - Commercialisation and Media
0  cards
PAPER 3 - Routes to sporting excellence in the UK
What is uk sport,
Who is uk sport funded by,
How does uk sport develop athletes
22  cards
PAPER 3 - Modern technology in sport
0  cards

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